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Meth. debut first single from upcoming album

Sunday, June 30, 2019 7:31 PM PT

"Experimental mathcore/noisecore" unit Meth. have issued the first single from their upcoming release, Enter Mother of Red Light, which is scheduled to arrive on August 23 through Prosthetic Records. You can stream "Her Womb Lays Still" now here:

"Womb was one of the first songs we finished and fully demoed out during the writing process. It started with a structural guitar part I wrote that more or less designated the flow of the first few sections of the song. Zack took what I started and brought it all to life into its current form. Womb demonstrates all the elements we establish with the LP. It carries ambiance, harshness, heaviness and just overall abrasiveness. It's also a perfect demonstration of everyone's touch to the writing process as well as a solid preview into the themes portrayed throughout the narrative of the record," says Meth's Seb Alvarez.