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Destrage premiere new video

Wed, May 29, 2019 6:54 AM PT

Italian progressive metalcore band Destrage have shared a music video for "Hey, Stranger," a track from their newly released album, The Chosen One. The clip was directed by Matteo Di Gioia and viewable below. Destrage comment: "2019. Superstition tends to take over science, conspiracy over facts, ignorance over information and hatred over tolerance. To talk about one thing, migration is a hot theme today because hey, man is a migratory species. We have the natural tendency to move around. To those who disagree I ask why would they leave the very room where they were born, because I believe leaving an hospital, crossing the street and entering a park is just like leaving a state, crossing the boarder and entering another state. Everybody should be able to do that without getting a bullet in the back. In this film, five anti-heroes go on a crusade to stop the invasion, but there is redemption in the end. Hey, Stranger!"

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