TidbitsApril 9, 2019 2:35 PM ET

Krosis debut new song and music video

North Carolina extreme metal unit Krosis continue to write new music for their next record, but their fans need not wait any longer to hear something new because they've just dropped a new music video and single titled "Duplicity" through Unique Leader Records. Notably, the track serves as the debut of the band's new vocalist, Mac Smith. Drummer Daniel Cece explains: "We have waited quite a long time to release this new music video to you all. Solem Vatem was, for an up-and-coming band like us, such a success, and that only made us eager to put something else out. Today, at long last, we give to you a brand new sound, equipped with the most solid audio production we've had so far, a brand new amazing vocalist in Mac Smith, and a track that we sure are proud of. We want to shape the new sound of deathcore/death metal, and be amongst the pride of North Carolina. Today, 'Duplicity' awaits, and I truly hope all of you give it a listen." There you have it. Check out "Duplicity" below, and keep up to date with Krosis via Facebook.
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