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Beartooth issues new music video

Friday, January 18, 2019 2:27 PM PT

Official press release:

Columbus, OH rock band Beartooth have released their new music video for "You Never Know." Available now via Red Bull Records, this track is a fan favorite from their third studio album, Disease. Stark and introspective, "You Never Know" exposes the elusive state that front man Caleb Shomo found himself in while in the unshakeable throes of a panic attack. Fans can now watch the video here:

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"You never know is about the mental state you're in during a panic attack. It's truly indescribable unless you've been through it. This video is our attempt at depicting that feeling. We also threw in some kick ass hogs. What more do ya need for a music video?"

Shomo wrote this song with co-writer Drew Fulk (aka WZRD BLD) in a mere 40 minutes, explaining how the two "just sort of came to a common ground and the song just rolled out from there." The lyrics shrewdly sum up his dilemma in trying to describe an intangible feeling; lyrics which are eventually rendered obsolete when he reaches the chorus and surrenders to the repeated anthem of "you never know until you know." Directed by Wyatt Clough, the band's frequent tour photographer and videographer, the music video mirrors that exact journey. Clough illustrates an eminent and brutal attack on Shomo before finally revealing that it is none other than Shomo himself at the helm.

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