TidbitsSeptember 28, 2018 5:56 PM ET

Sigh streams new song featuring Phil Anselmo

Official press release: Japanese band Sigh will release their eleventh studio album, Heir to Despair, on November 16 via Candlelight Records. While the previous album Graveward (2015) was rather symphonic and orchestral, Heir to Despair is pointing in the completely opposite direction. Heir to Despair is a heavy, psychedelic, and exotic album filled with vintage keyboards and flute. It is heavily inspired by progressive bands like Brainticket, Embryo, Agitation Free, Between, Gentle Giant, Os Mutantes, Modulo 1000, and Black Widow. Check out the brand new song "Homo Homini Lupus," featuring guest vocals from Philip Anselmo. Listen here: Vocalist Mirai Kawashima comments: "'Homo Homini Lupus' is one of the fastest and the simplest tracks on Heir to Despair. Don't expect other songs to sound like this. 'Homo Homini Lupus' means 'Man is wolf to man' in Latin. Thomas Hobbes referred to this verb to describe how men would act in the state of nature before we were civilized. The world shown in The Walking Dead series should be the best example of what we truly are. Men become wolves, or should I say, men are wolves in their real nature. Look what our ancestors did during the wartime! Look what our ancestors did during famine! We have own wolves inside." Kawashima, who met Anselmo 20 years ago when they were both in U.S. death metal band Necrophagia, added, "It is a great honor for us to finally have him on our album! He added a great atmosphere to the song with his very deep voices! It should be very easy for you to tell which parts were sung by Phil."