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Racetraitor unveils new song

Thursday, September 20, 2018 6:40 PM PT

Racetraitor has unveiled a second new song from their upcoming album, 2042, which will hit streets on October 12. New single "The Cult of Eschatology" made its online debut today via Metalsucks.

"With 'Cult of Eschatology' we wanted to address the racist way the US talks about the high levels of violence in cities like Chicago," says bassist R. Brent Decker. "The entire framing of the issue and the policies that are adopted serve white supremacy. Words like 'criminal,' 'offender,' and 'victim' are all euphemisms to get politicians elected and shovel more money to a 'prison and policing industrial complex.'"

"Nothing is really about solutions, violence reduction, or real people. The criminal justice system we have is just rooted in the ideologies of punishment which destroys countless lives, decimates communities, and strengthens corporate interests. Living and working in Chicago, this is all stuff we have seen first hand and it needs to be abolished."

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