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A new Horrendous song is available online.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018 10:13 AM PT

Official press release:

Philadelphia's/Washington, DC's forward-thinking death metal entity Horrendous are streaming a new track off their highly anticipated new album, Idol (out September 28). The track titled "The Idolater" is streaming now at Metal Hammer.

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Regarding the new track, Horrendousguitarist/vocalist Matt Knox comments: "'Idolater' is the most direct expression of malaise on 'Idol,' lyrically honing in on the despotic political figure heads that seem to be coming to power in the Western world. While it is largely a reaction to the current political landscape of the U.S, I also wanted it to extend to past legacies of tyrannical control, whether from church or state, and the social climates that give birth to them. The 'tyrant' of the song, while applicable to our times, is also archetypal, reflecting the age old cycles of power gained through intimidation and fear, and personal agency traded for a (false) sense of security. It all falls in line with the larger theme of the album of relinquishing one's power and self determination to the various Idols that surround us, and questioning our roles in sustaining them."

Knox continues: "Musically, the song is the most direct on the album, adhering to a more 'traditional' song structure with a verse and 'chorus' of sorts that anchor the song as it develops and briefly veers off in different musical directions. The music and lyrics are also closely intertwined, with complimentary changes in tone, tempo and dissonance as the lyrical narrative progresses. I always loved songs that are a perfect reflection of the lyrical landscapes within them, where the music is an integral part of the 'story' of a song, and I think this is one of our best examples of it to date."

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