TidbitsJune 16, 2018 10:45 AM ET

Another new Skeletonwitch track is available online.

Skeletonwitch has debuted the second single, titled "When Paradise Fades," from their forthcoming album, Devouring Radiant Light, out July 20th on Prosthetic Records. Skeletonwitch guitarist Nate Garnette calls it "a supercharged nano-epic that takes you from greasy rock n roll, to off-the-rails blackened destruction and beyond." He further explains, "I tried to keep the intensity and grit front-and-center while making it a journey instead of a two-minute banger." The track debuted over at Kerrang! who describe "the band edges deeper into black metal territory than ever before, with blastbeats, guitar tremolo, and atmospheric intros aplenty." You can stream the song here: