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Erdve has launched a full stream of their new album.

Thursday, February 8, 2018 9:37 AM PT
Official press release: Erdve unleash a dark and virulent strain of negative hardcore on their debut album Vaitojimas (meaning Shout) which is streaming now. The Lithuanian quartet mine the veins of the genre-smashing metallic noisecore of the late 90's, and filter those influences through an especially hostile attack. Dense slabs of noise-laden riffs churn feelings of unease, while hostile vocals punctuate their score to the dystopian world crashing down. With Vaitojimas, Erdve deliver the soundtrack to a world gone truly mad. 'Vaitojimas' is streaming here:
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Regarding the new album, Erdve comments: "This album was recorded with the intention to be presented in it's entirety, and finally, we can unveil our full creative vision to the audience. 'Vaitojimas' means a lot to us, although at first, we certainly did not hope for it to become available on such a scale. Words cannot express how grateful we are to everyone involved and to those who appreciated the album enough to have it actually released. We do believe that this album truly conveys our environment, perception of things, and our understanding of immensely heavy music or what it means to us. We would appreciate, if you reach out to us with your own experience or insights whilst listening to the record and engage in a discussion." Vaitojimas will be released worldwide on February 9.

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