TidbitsNovember 7, 2017 1:31 PM ET

Cloak has launched a full stream of their upcoming album.

Official press release: Atlanta, GA's metal quartet Cloak have unveiled their new album, To Venomous Depths. Drawing from metal's most impactful sub genres, the quartet distill their collective influences into an enthralling full-album experience that honors the spirit of the early classics while standing firmly in the now. Cloak's bold and blackened metal teems with dark energy, and 'To Venomous Depths' is a testament to the genre's primal power and magic. To Venomous Depths is streaming in full now, at Noisey. Regarding the album, the band comments "To Cloak, music is art and art is magic. It is transformative and primal in ways that cannot be simply explained. When we began writing "To Venomous Depths" we knew we were on to something powerful and fervent. The further we dove into the creative process, the further we ventured into the lowest parts of our consciousness and the highest points of our souls so that every last bit of ourselves bled out into our music. Where we ended up is something that cannot be summarized, it can only be felt. We welcome the listener to join us in that feeling in the hopes that it destroys and revives you just as it has done to us." To Venomous Depths will be released worldwide this week on November 10.
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