TidbitsSeptember 6, 2017 7:47 PM ET

Complete Failure has unveiled a new song.

Pittsburgh's Complete Failure are streaming the second new track off their forthcoming album, Crossburner. The track, titled "Fist First, Second to None" can be heard now via the band's official Bandcamp page. Crossburner will be released worldwide by Season of Mist on October 27. Regarding the track, vocalist Joe Mack comments, "'Fist First, Second to None' is the most important track on the album. It's a track about being rendered defenseless in society. Backed into a corner. I don't speak for any definitive groups of people or small circles or communities or even anyone else in this band for that matter, but in my life I've found that there are very very few things to be considered 100% truth. One of those truths is that we as a people individually are not in any way shape or form 'created equal' and to attempt to live as such would be purely ignorant and morally wrong on all imaginable levels. What one single decision that's right for some could be the complete opposite for others. Whats right for tomorrow might not be whats right for today."