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In Hearts Wake has debuted a new track.

Monday, April 3, 2017 9:30 AM PT
Australian metalcore/post-hardcore act In Hearts Wake has premiered a new song titled "Warcry." Its lyric video is available below. The band had the following to say regarding the song:
"The current systems in place are violently pitting us against each other, propelling our species towards our own extinction. This track is a call to come together, to unite peacefully against the forces that are currently destroying life on Earth and the resources that support it. The words of the verse are the vision of a Seer, who speaks of a dark and horrific future to come. We, the New Generation, will not sit back idly and watch the abuse of our world. If we do not take timely action, then we are passively contributing to the Seer's bleak prophecy. Our inaction is part of the problem; let us answer the Warcry and become part of the solution. What kind of a world do you wish for tomorrow–to ensure there is a tomorrow…"
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