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A new track from All Hell's upcoming LP is available online.

Friday, March 24, 2017 11:45 AM PT

Official press release:

As The Grave Alchemist, the impending new full-length from North Carolina-based blackened thrash trio, All Hell, draws closer to release, Decibel Magazine is pleased to unsheathe the band's lyric video for grim album closer, "I Am The Mist."

Elaborates vocalist/guitarist Jacob Curwen: "The closing track of The Grave Alchemist, 'I Am The Mist' is inspired by the dread inherent in the power of nature and within our own personal histories. Conceptually, it represents the ascension of the Alchemist and his integration with nature and the collective unconscious. We felt it fitting to end the album in a way that closed the events of the narrative while simultaneously widening the scope and relevance of the album's central theme."

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