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Necromancing The Stone has released a video for their song "Bleed For The Night."

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 4:26 PM PT

Official press release:

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Necromancing The Stone - featuring current/former members of Arsis (guitarist James Malone), The Absence (drummer Jeramie Kling), The Black Dahlia Murder (bassist Ryan "Bart" Williams), and Brimstone Coven (guitarist Justin Wood and vocalist "Big" John Williams) - has launched a new video for the track "Bleed For The Night." The tune comes by way of their latest album, Jewel Of The Vile. Filmed last year on tour with Battlecross and Allegaeon, "Bleed For The Night" will surely serenade fans with its epic vocals, gargantuan riffs, and pulverizing rhythms.

Necromancing The Stone comments: "Everyone, on this Valentine's Day, please remember that if you love something too much it may die. Then one day you can learn a powerful resurrection spell and bring it back to life, but it might hate you... But that's a different story altogether. We hope you enjoy the video. Huge thanks to Greg from Allegaeon for putting this video together for us."

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