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True story: a couple stumbled upon a black metal band in the woods during an engagement photo shoot, and...

Saturday, October 22, 2016 5:40 PM PT

black metal band engagement photo shoot

In what is definitely one of the stranger stories involving a black metal band, yesterday ABC News detailed a chance encounter between a California couple and four kvlt musicians.

Apparently, John Awesomen (yes, that's his name) and Nydia Hernandez were participating in an engagement photo shoot in Holy Jim Canyon, CA when they stumbled across a band called Coldvoid, who were in the same area shooting promotional photos for their music. Instead of running away in terror, however, the couple asked the corpse-painted gentlemen if they'd partake in some photography.

"During the last part of the session, we noticed a few guys with some corpse paint makeup on sitting at a nearby bench blaring out some black metal music," Awesome told ABC News. "We just randomly thought it would be a funny idea if we could get them to be a part of our engagement shoot. So we approached them and asked and they more than happy to accept! Super nice people. I seriously can't make this stuff up."

The couple's photographer, Janet Wheeland was pleased to find that Coldvoid even had props with them, including nails, swords, and a candlelabrum.

"They gave us a copy of their new demo and it was the perfect eerie soundtrack for the drive out of the woods," said Wheeland. "It was a perfect, spontaneous finale to our photo shoot. We couldn't have planned it better."

If you want to check out Coldvoid, you can do so here.

black metal band Coldvoid