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A full stream of the new Zhrine album is available online.

Thursday, March 31, 2016 1:26 PM PT
Official press release: Icelandic death metal cult Zhrine are streaming their deadly new album, Unortheta. The album, hailed as "an imposing, dissonant mass of unorthodox death, heavily atmospheric and weirdly progressive" is streaming exclusively at Noisey. Regarding the new album, Zhrine comments: "It is with great pride in our hearts that we finally unveil the grand statement of chords and chaos that is 'Unortheta'. This churning collection of dark, etheral, odes to the desperate void has long been yearning to be set free on the unsuspecting public like a tempest of raging atonality in a glass of aural unreason, and today is the day that the deed shall be done."

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