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Yet another new Rotten Sound song is available online.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 11:28 AM PT

Official press release:

Finnish grindcore powerhouse Rotten Sound have unleashed another new track from their highly anticipated full-length Abuse to Suffer. The band, hailed as "grindcore with something more to offer...Their execution and talent is on par with the best in the genre and their songwriting shows depth and genuine creativity" (Lambgoat), are streaming a new ripper titled "Cannon Fodder" now at Metalsucks.

Regarding the new track, Rotten Sound vocalist Keijo Niinima comments: "The song starts with Napalm Death-style mid-tempo groovy riff, which made me think that the vocals must begin immediately with low Barney style of grunting. The rest of the song is probably more Rotten Sound with dissonant riffs by Sami, up tempo blasting and heavy mid part. Somehow this song stood out to me with the extreme tempo-changes and stop'n'go-style when it really gets going. Lyrics are pretty straight-forward text about soldiers, who are forced to do whatever is being ordered from above."

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