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The Bronx The Bronx

The Bronx - The Bronx
01. Heart Attack American (MP3)
02. False Alarm
03. White Tar
04. Cobra Lucha
05. They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)
06. I Got Chills
07. Gun Without Bullets
08. Notice of Eviction
09. Kill My Friends
10. Strobe Light
2003 Ferret Music

Reviewed by: Graham Landers   //   Published: 10/28/2003

The Bronx play somewhat of new style of music to me; dirty rock punk with yelled and screamed vocal assault. Old Rocket from the Crypt is the best way to describe The Bronx sound, if in fact you must pigeon-hole them, which I do not suggest. This California foursome has taken the scene literally by storm with only an EP's worth of material of previously released material. After signing a multi-album deal with Island/Def Jam earlier this year, the label and band agreed, as seems to be the trend now, that in order to be successful they would have to create some buzz in the underground circuit. Both parties thought it necessary to release a record on an indie label to get some street credibility. Ferret was selected and the outcome, which is a one-off deal, is brilliant and as dirty as a schoolhouse rat.

Dirty rock music (ie. The Datsuns, The Darkness and Jet to name a few) has been a melting pot for major label signings as of late. Although a bit more violent and a lot more of an old school punk influence to their sound than the above mentioned bands, it's no wonder that these crazy bastards were scooped up so quickly. These guys aren't too far off from something remarkable, I can just feel it.

You can tell once the first song, namely "Heart Attack American," finishes that these guys have taken The Explosion's rockin' punk sound and turned it up a notch. Tons of high octane rock felt strongly on cuts like "False Alarm" and "I Got Chills." Vocals that sing, scream, yell and scrape their way into your head unmercifully, as heard violently on "Heart Attack American," and that's just the first song. What I'm trying to say here is this is violence plain and simple. The Bronx get me going like Turbonegro, only not in a comedic sense. In this case, I wanna kill someone, rather than laugh myself into hysterics over homoerotic lyrics.

In addition to the killer packaging, depicting a woman with vampire fangs bleeding The Bronx's name from her lips, this record was recorded in a live setting and produced by Gilby Clarke of Guns n' Roses (with the exception of three tracks). Yes, it's true. You hear everything for what it is, raw and beautiful. Chock full of off notes, guitars slippin' out of tune and the normal mistakes that happen during a live show.

Bottom Line: If you like your rock with four punks and a splash of raw live sound, then look no further. If, however, you've left the classic rock (old school) sound behind and want your rock super-polished and filled with teenie bopper hooks, run away. Fast.

crank_   posted 9/17/2004 4:51:19 PM
this record kicks ass.