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Trap Them Seizures in Barren Praise

Trap Them - Seizures in Barren Praise
01. Day Nineteen: Fucking Viva
02. Day Twenty Eight: Targets
03. Day Twenty Six: Angles Anonymous in Transit
04. Day Twenty Nine: Reincarnation of Lost Lones
05. Day Twenty Five: Guignol Serene
06. Day Twenty: Flesh and Below
07. Day Twenty Four: Gutterbomb Heaven on the Grid
08. Day Twenty Three: Invertopia / Day Thirty: Class Warmth
09. Day Twenty One: Roam / Day Twenty Two: Absent Civilians
10. Day Thirty One: Mission Convincers
2008 Deathwish Inc.


Reviewed by: Nick   //   Published: 11/13/2008

Trap Them can do no wrong. Granted, it's only been one calendar year since the band made their Trash Art debut, but very few acts have been able to garner as much attention and momentum in such a short period of time. The band's transition to Deathwish in late 2007 with their Seance Prime EP proved to be a logical step, but it also hinted at future excellence and created even loftier expectations for the New Hampshire group. And while the pressures and difficulties of living up to the hype of a sophomore full-length may be very real dilemmas for some, they didn't blink. The result is Seizures in Barren Praise, Trap Them's finest work yet.

Witnessing a band progress and fine-tune their style can be such a rewarding experience. While Sleepwell Deconstructor made a name for Trap Them by stringing together feedback-laden, blistering outbursts of d-beat grindcore, Seance Prime hinted at a new direction with more anthem-like tracks such as "The Protest Hour" and "Pulse Mavens." Seizures in Barren Praise has not only built upon that progression, but also displays the band opening up their songwriting style in a way that is still undeniably Trap Them, but remarkably unique for a band that falls under a genre that tends to operate well within stylistic confines.

"Fucking Viva" is immediately rewarding as it begins with a thick, mid-paced guitar hook and vocalist Ryan McKenney's vicious vocal lines. Thundering drums and the repeated sharp lyrical delivery of "The vertigo / The death threats / The funerals / They'll never end" give the band something they hadn't quite nailed before: the quality of being instantly memorable. And please don't confuse "memorable" with "predictable" - this is every bit as abrasive and dark as what one would expect from Trap Them. Tracks like "Target" and "Roam / Absent Civilians" show that the band hasn't lost their ability to rip through lightening-fast tempos and unbelievably precise drumming en route to crusty grindcore perfection. "Guignol Serene" spotlights guitarist Brian Izzi's knack for injecting agile leads into otherwise abrasive punk compositions. "Gutterbomb Heaven on the Grid" offers sparse noise and ominous drum work before it locks into a throaty, bass driven groove (here's a bit of trivia material: sound engineer extraordinaire Kurt Ballou was responsible for all of the track's bass and guitar work). And as Trap Them abandons their breakneck tempos and frantic energy and delivers a massive slab of neck-breaking, slow-paced riffing for their closing epic, "Mission Convincers," it becomes apparent that their musical mastery has reached new levels of excellence. Much like Cursed and their unbridled heaviness otherwise known as "Friends in the Music Business," Trap Them may be a crusty hardcore band on paper, but their attempt at down-tempo sludge is certainly nothing at which to scoff.

Will "Mission Convincers" prove to be a hint at the band's future direction With such a commanding grip on abrasive music, only time will tell where Trap Them's musical prowess and constant evolution will take them from here. But one thing is sure: Seizures in Barren Praise is one hell of a forward thinking crusty hardcore record and certainly a must-have for extreme music fans.

Bottom Line: Last year's Seance Prime provided a bit of foreshadowing for the musical direction in which Trap Them was heading. The band's ability to blend the intense d-beat grindcore of earlier recordings with inventive, slower-paced tracks all while maintaining high levels of abrasiveness and emotion makes Seizures in Barren Praise their finest record to date. This is without a doubt one of the year's best.

bill_   posted 4/5/2010 5:00:53 AM
^^^stop wasting time on labeling the music you emo gay and just listen..........
Mark_   posted 6/9/2009 3:02:27 PM
ok first off, this album isnt crust. its more of a blend of entombed style death with grind and hardcore, and a bit of down tempo sludge at the end to finish it off. if you want crust go listen to doom or amebix, this is going to disappoint you. the only obvious crust influences on this album are the drumming on a few songs and the dirty bass tone.

that being said, this album absolutely deserves a 9/10. nobody is saying they reinvented the wheel, but the song writing and lyrics are well above
Silky Johnson_   posted 1/22/2009 11:05:06 AM
the Player Hater's Ball was weeks ago, but it seems like half of still wish you were there. Honkies. Trap Them kills.
ItAteEverybody_   posted 12/17/2008 10:01:17 PM
willxcore_   posted 12/4/2008 5:53:01 PM
amazing cd

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