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A Day Of Pigs Lecherous

A Day Of Pigs - Lecherous
01. Innominate
02. In Blood I Lust
03. In the Crease
04. How to Kill a Witch
05. 665 (instrumental)
06. Way To Go Fuckface
07. We are are the Serpent
08. Before the Gutting
09. Pikey
10. 1000 Diamonds
11. The Lions Cry
12. My Dying Rose
13. 667 (instrumental)
2007 Spare Change Records

Reviewed by: Nick   //   Published: 1/10/2008

Take the down-tuned riffage of Torche, a bit of Mastodon's early songwriting direction, and a heavy dose of Eyehategod's sludgy grit and the result is A Day of Pigs, the latest addition to the Spare Change Records roster. And with the fifty minutes of rumbling stoner metal offered up on Lecherous, it's not hard to understand why this small band from New Jersey deserves a thorough listen.

Lecherous bursts out of the gates with "Innominate," a track launching into a set Bloodhorse-esque riffs that received a Facedowninshit style makeover. Prominent low-end, driving drumming and howling lead guitar work all lead to one hell of an abrasive listening experience. "Way To Go Fuckface" lives up to its stellar name, successfully combining periods of Floor/Torche riffs, coarse bass tones, and moments of throaty singing. "The Lions Cry" explores some different musical territory, building from an eerily melodic intro into a slower, more sludge based number. Anyone looking for a strong dose of riff-heavy stoner metal should find a lot to enjoy in A Day of Pigs' Lecherous.

The only downside of the record comes with a few of its slower, cleaner melodies. Appearing mostly in the two instrumental tracks ("665," and, "666"), these interludes feel a little out of place with the majority of the disc's abrasive content. The intentions were certainly good, as such elements often help to round out an album, but the execution and placement are not as fluid as they could have been. Nevertheless, these cleaner moments are the minority on the disc, and the abundance of sludgy stoner metal riffs, coarse vocals, and thick low-end make Lecherous pretty impressive for a debut full-length.

Bottom Line: Listeners who enjoy everything from sludge metal to stoner rock should be jumping at the opportunity to check out A Day of Pigs' Lecherous. And any minor issues with album continuity are overshadowed by its gritty combination of influences and ruthless unleashing of solid riff after solid riff. For fans of Torche, early Mastodon, and Eyehategod.

RickRock_   posted 1/23/2008 3:23:39 PM
One of the dudes smoked up with my friend at a show in Delaware, then gave us some shirts and CDs. Just said he hoped the band would make it somewhat. Good to see that they have.
Omegaman_   posted 1/22/2008 1:21:52 PM
"For fans of Torche, early Mastodon, and Eyehategod.... im sold.. if this sucks im gonna be pissed

posted by arsonaut () on 1/20/2008 12:21:51 PM"

sifl_   posted 1/21/2008 4:42:38 AM
A Bay of Pigs lolzzz
arsonaut_   posted 1/20/2008 12:21:51 PM
For fans of Torche, early Mastodon, and Eyehategod.... im sold.. if this sucks im gonna be pissed
AntiHero_   posted 1/15/2008 5:01:26 PM
"Get f*cking killed and stop liking shitty gay music. gays." You sound like a crazy ex girlfriend or something! Maybe a former band member??? I bought this CD of Itunes and love it!!! These guys are so different than anything out in music right now! Kudos to them!

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