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Trap Them Seance Prime

Trap Them - Seance Prime
01. Day Thirteen: The Protest Hour
02. Day Fourteen: Pulse Mavens
03. Day Fifteen: Citizen Nihilist
04. Day Sixteen: The Iconflict
05. Day Seventeen: Waters and Wine of Sandblast Times
2007 Deathwish Inc.


Reviewed by: Nick   //   Published: 11/25/2007

2007 has been quite a year for Trap Them. Their full-length debut on Trash Art, Sleepwell Deconstructor, was a refreshing dose of hell-bent, d-beat influenced grindcore that managed to catch the ear of a number of hardcore and metal listeners. It also succeeded in grabbing the attention of Boston's Deathwish Inc., thus setting the stage for the band's label move for the release of Seance Prime. And just as expected, the EP serves up another helping of raw, feedback-drenched tunes to round out Trap Them's calendar year.

Although Seance Prime can be viewed as a continuation of Sleepwell Deconstructor, the disc exhibits a bit of a songwriting shift for the band. Yes, Entombed, Nasum, and Discharge still play influential roles in Trap Them's sound, but the move away from blistering, minute long tracks to slightly slower, more developed songs is quite apparent. This can be heard in the plodding and abrasive nature of "Day Sixteen: The Iconflict," a track along the lines of the band's previously recorded "Day Eight: Destructioneer Extraordinaire." Sleepwell Deconstructor's twelve tracks barely cracked twenty minutes, while the five tracks of Seance prime average out to be around three minutes a piece. And although three minutes might not sound like much, it can be a lifetime in the world of grindcore.

The disc opener, "Day Thirteen: The Protest Hour," begins with guitar howls and a driving d-beat before diving into a number of Converge-esque riffs. And while a bit of Converge influence was definitely present on the last release, the longer song structures and the reduced number of grind outbursts tends to push the sound of Seance Prime closer to that coined by Jake Bannon and company. And with Kurt Ballou turning the knobs on the recording, the production similarities certainly add to the comparison. Yet the writing style of the full-length isn't completely lost, as "Day Seventeen: Waters and Wine of Sandblast Times" brings back the band's intense formula, with frequent blasting and fast moving guitar work propelling the track along.

Seance Prime is a great effort by one of the most promising bands in the grind/hardcore scene. It flaunts an excellent analog recording, properly capturing the band's incredibly gritty sound and its five tracks showcase solid songwriting development and a willingness to push the boundaries of grindcore's genre confinements, much like that heard on Pig Destroyer's latest release. However, Seance Prime is lacking a bit of the intensity that made Sleepwell Deconstructor such an excellent album. For a band that made a name for themselves by piecing together a dozen relentlessly vicious tracks for their full-length, the slightly toned down nature of the EP just doesn't prove to be as rewarding.

Bottom Line: Trap Them's Deathwish follow-up to Sleepwell Deconstructor exhibits a small shift in songwriting style and a desire to get outside the grindcore box, but in doing so, it sacrifices some of the intensity that was a key component to the band's sound. Seance Prime is still a great release, but it's just not as uncompromisingly brutal as Sleepwell Deconstructor.

13225_   posted 3/15/2008 7:44:42 PM
only disagreement with the review is that this is definitely a step up for this band. better songwriting, the recording is even a bit more punchy. take another listen. loudest heaviest band lately. they win.
ngcprk_   posted 12/24/2007 12:27:19 PM
ep smokes! i have been blaring this on my crappy car stereo almost every day since i first got it and i'm still loving the awesome guitar tone and great drumming. band is seriously backed..come play canada!
Metal Mike_   posted 11/29/2007 2:18:14 PM
Good review Nick. I see the haze from your fast food decadence has finally worn off.
13225_   posted 11/27/2007 6:09:53 PM
Yes, Entombed, Nasum, and Discharge still play influential roles in Trap Them's sound...i def hear the Yes influence.

posted by () on 11/25/2007 5:46:43 PM

Haha... f*ck.

posted by Nick () on 11/25/2007 6:16:55 PM

definitely LOLworthy
lartsa_   posted 11/26/2007 5:23:48 PM
more like crap them
but seriously, great band 8/10 in my book

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