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New Hardcore and Metal Releases

While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our upcoming releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.

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This week's new releases:
6/21/2019Glare of the SunTheiaLifeforce Recordsbuy
6/21/2019GygaxHigh FantasyCreator Destructor Recordsbuy
6/21/2019Howling SycamoreSeven Pathways to AnnihilationProsthetic Recordsbuy
6/21/2019MemoriamRequiem For MankindNuclear Blast Recordsbuy
6/21/2019OrganectomyExistential DisconnectUnique Leader Recordsbuy
6/21/2019RedbaitCagesNew Age Recordsbuy
6/21/2019State FaultsClairvoyantNo Sleep Recordsbuy
6/21/2019SuperstitionThe Anatomy of Unholy Transformation20 Buck Spinbuy

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Latest Release Additions/Updates

9/27/2019  Borknagar - True North
8/2/2019  En Minor - En Minor
9/6/2019  Sleeping With Sirens - How It Feels To Be Lost
7/19/2019  Crown The Empire - Sudden Sky
8/30/2019  Ledge - All I Hope For
8/23/2019  Domination Inc. - Memoir 414
8/16/2019  Bound In Fear - The Hand of Violence
8/16/2019  Devourment - Obscene Majesty
9/13/2019  Visceral Disgorge - Slithering Evisceration
8/16/2019  Shock Narcotic - I Have Seen the Future and It Doesn't Work