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Metal and Hardcore Albums Released in 2019

Find the best metal music and hardcore music released in the selected yearw. While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our album releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
1/4/2019 Festerday iihtallan Season Of Mist
1/4/2019 Legion of the Damned Slaves of the Shadow Realm Napalm Records
1/4/2019 Mark Deutrom The Blue Bird Season Of Mist
1/4/2019 Rosetta Sower of Wind Pelagic Records
1/9/2019 Hands Of God Blueprint for Self Destruction self-released
1/11/2019 Afterlife Breaking Point Hopeless Records
1/11/2019 Born of Osiris The Simulation Sumerian Records
1/11/2019 Bring Me The Horizon Amo RCA Records
1/11/2019 Jinjer Micro EP Napalm Records
1/11/2019 Lillake Memory Lies self-released
1/11/2019 Nailed To Obscurity Black Frost Nuclear Blast Records
1/11/2019 Soilwork Verkligheten Nuclear Blast Records
1/11/2019 The Last Ten Seconds Of Life Machina Non Grata self-released
1/18/2019 Cane Hill Kill The Sun Rise Records
1/18/2019 Dust Bolt Trapped In Chaos Napalm Records
1/18/2019 Fever 333 Strength In Numb333rs Roadrunner Records
1/18/2019 Flotsam and Jetsam The End of Chaos AFM Records
1/18/2019 Malevolent Creation The 13th Beast Century Media Records
1/18/2019 Wristmeetrazor Misery Never Forgets Prosthetic Records
1/25/2019 A Secret Revealed Sacrifices Lifeforce Records
1/25/2019 Altarage The Approaching Roar Season Of Mist
1/25/2019 Hecate Enthroned Embrace Of The Godless Aeon M-Theory Audio
1/25/2019 Insanity Alert 666-Pack Season Of Mist
1/25/2019 Jeff Hughell Sleep Deprivation self-released
1/25/2019 Judiciary Surface Noise Closed Casket Activities
1/25/2019 King 810 Suicide King self-released
1/25/2019 Light The Fire Compassion in Unlikely Places Standby Records
1/25/2019 Sofy Major Total Dump Corpse Flower Records
1/25/2019 Swallow The Sun When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light Century Media Records
1/25/2019 The Drowned God I'll Always Be The Same Solid State Records
2/1/2019 Gideon No Love/No One EP Equal Vision Records
2/1/2019 Ithaca The Language of Injury Holy Roar Records
2/1/2019 Ossuarium Living Tomb 20 Buck Spin
2/8/2019 August Burns Red Phantom Sessions Fearless Records
2/8/2019 Downfall of Gaia Ethic of Radical Finitude Metal Blade Records
2/8/2019 InVisions Between You & Me Stay Sick Recordings
2/8/2019 Kicker Pure Drivel Tankcrimes
2/8/2019 Outline In Color Outline In Color self-released
2/8/2019 Windswept The Onlooker Season Of Mist
2/15/2019 Chainbreaker Lethal Desire Hells Headbangers
2/15/2019 Crematory Stench Grotesque Deformities Regain Records
2/15/2019 Crystal Lake Helix SharpTone Records
2/15/2019 Herod Sombre Dessein Pelagic Records
2/15/2019 Rotting Christ The Heretics Season Of Mist
2/22/2019 Aenimus Dreamcatcher Nuclear Blast Records
2/22/2019 Attila Villain self-released
2/22/2019 Brick by Brick Hive Mentality Upstate Records
2/22/2019 Brujeria Amaricon Czar Nuclear Blast Records
2/22/2019 Candlemass The Door to Doom Napalm Records
2/22/2019 Continuum Designed Obsolescence Unique Leader Records
2/22/2019 Dream Theater Distance over Time InsideOut Music
2/22/2019 ExitWounds Visions SharpTone Records
2/22/2019 Ghost Iris Apple Of Discord Long Branch Records
2/22/2019 Hiss From The Moat The Harrier M-Theory Audio
2/22/2019 Horndal Remains Prosthetic Records
2/22/2019 King Apathy Wounds Lifeforce Records
2/22/2019 Minors Abject Bodies Holy Roar Records
2/22/2019 Overkill The Wings of War Nuclear Blast Records
2/22/2019 Primitive Man / Hell split LP Translation Loss Records
2/22/2019 The Moth Gatherer Esoteric Oppression Agonia Records
2/25/2019 Traitors Repent self-released
3/1/2019 Demon Hunter War self-released
3/1/2019 Demon Hunter Peace self-released
3/1/2019 Devil Master Satan Spits on Children of Light Relapse Records
3/1/2019 In Flames I, The Mask Eleven Seven Music
3/1/2019 Mark Morton Anesthetic Spinefarm Records
3/1/2019 Sisters of Suffocation Humans Are Broken Napalm Records
3/1/2019 While She Sleeps So What? Spinefarm Records
3/8/2019 Equipoise Demiurgus The Artisan Era
3/8/2019 Holding Absence Holding Absence SharpTone Records
3/8/2019 Misery Index Rituals of Power Season Of Mist
3/8/2019 Omicida Defrauded Reign self-released
3/8/2019 Saver They Came With Sunlight Pelagic Records
3/9/2019 Children of Bodom Hexed Nuclear Blast Records
3/15/2019 Angel Du$t Pretty Buff Roadrunner Records
3/15/2019 Any Given Day Overpower SharpTone Records
3/15/2019 Deafkids Metaprogramac¸ao Neurot Recordings
3/15/2019 Fallujah Undying Light Nuclear Blast Records
3/15/2019 Inclination When Fear Turns to Confidence Pure Noise Records
3/15/2019 Noisem Cease To Exist 20 Buck Spin
3/15/2019 Pickwick Commons Weak Bones self-released
3/15/2019 Venom Prison Samsara Prosthetic Records
3/22/2019 Imprecation Damnatio Ad Bestias Dark Descent Records
3/22/2019 La Dispute Panorama Epitaph Records
3/22/2019 Parting Gift Ensom Fearless Records
3/22/2019 Sermon Birth Of The Marvellous Prosthetic Records
3/22/2019 Truth Corroded Bloodlands Unique Leader Records
3/22/2019 Undead Prophecies Sempiternal Void Listenable Records
3/29/2019 A Wake In Providence The Blvck Sun || The Blood Moon Outerloop Records
3/29/2019 Arrival of Autumn Harbinger Nuclear Blast Records
3/29/2019 Bloodline Better View Stay Sick Recordings
3/29/2019 Brutus Nest Sargent House
3/29/2019 Devin Townsend Empath InsideOut Music
3/29/2019 East Of The Wall NP-Complete Translation Loss Records
3/29/2019 I Prevail Trauma Fearless Records
3/29/2019 Kolten Wong City Expressed Written Consent self-released
3/29/2019 Lee McKinney Infinite Mind Sumerian Records
3/29/2019 Low Dose Low Dose Brutal Panda Records
3/29/2019 Magic Circle Departed Souls 20 Buck Spin
3/29/2019 Okilly Dokilly Howdilly Twodilly self-released
3/29/2019 Section H8 Phase One Flatspot Records
3/29/2019 Skullsmasher Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery Selfmadegod Records
3/29/2019 VLTIMAS Something Wicked Marches In Season Of Mist
3/29/2019 Whitechapel The Valley Metal Blade Records
4/2/2019 Mind Power Q2 self-released
4/5/2019 Ceremony Of Silence Outis Willowtip Records
4/5/2019 Eluveitie Ategnatos Nuclear Blast Records
4/5/2019 Enterprise Earth Luciferous MNRK Music Group
4/5/2019 Faminehill Ascend Famined Records
4/5/2019 Periphery Periphery IV: HAIL STAN self-released
4/5/2019 Sworn Enemy Gamechanger M-Theory Audio
4/12/2019 Death Therapy Voices Solid State Records
4/12/2019 Hath Of Rot and Ruin Willowtip Records
4/12/2019 Inferi The End of an Era | Rebirth The Artisan Era
4/12/2019 Inter Arma Sulphur English Relapse Records
4/12/2019 Nails I Don't Want To Know You Nuclear Blast Records
4/12/2019 Nekrasov Lust of Consciousness Prosthetic Records
4/12/2019 Numenorean Adore Season Of Mist
4/12/2019 The Machinist Confidimus in Morte Prosthetic Records
4/12/2019 Theories Vessel Corpse Flower Records
4/12/2019 Tronos Celestial Mechanics Century Media Records
4/13/2019 Pelican Midnight And Mescaline Southern Lord Records
4/19/2019 After The Burial Evergreen Sumerian Records
4/19/2019 Allegaeon Apoptosis Metal Blade Records
4/19/2019 Alpha Wolf Fault SharpTone Records
4/19/2019 Chokehold With This Thread I Hold On Good Fight Music
4/19/2019 Dead To A Dying World Elegy Profound Lore Records
4/19/2019 Embludgeonment Barn Burner Comatose Music
4/19/2019 Fractal Universe Rhizomes Of Insanity Metal Blade Records
4/19/2019 Get Scared The Dead Days Fearless Records
4/19/2019 Grand Magus Wolf God Nuclear Blast Records
4/19/2019 Harms Way PSTHMN Metal Blade Records
4/19/2019 More Pain More Pain Three One G
4/19/2019 Purgatory Section 219 Unbeaten Records
4/19/2019 Sacred Reich / Iron Reagan split 7" Metal Blade Records
4/19/2019 Self Defense Family Performative Guilt 6131 Records
4/19/2019 Tripsitter The Other Side Of Sadness Prosthetic Records
4/24/2019 Volumes Coming Clean Fearless Records
4/26/2019 Enforcer Zenith Nuclear Blast Records
4/26/2019 Helms Alee Noctiluca Sargent House
4/26/2019 Lord Dying Mysterium Tremendum Prosthetic Records
4/26/2019 Lost In Kiev Persona Pelagic Records
4/26/2019 Nighnacht Christophila Hells Headbangers
4/26/2019 Oceanwake Lights Flashing In Mute Scenery Lifeforce Records
4/26/2019 Serpents Temet Nosce self-released
4/26/2019 Spotlights Love & Decay Ipecac Recordings
4/26/2019 The Damned Things High Crimes Nuclear Blast Records
4/26/2019 The Lumberjack Feedback Mere Mortals Deadlight Entertainment
4/26/2019 Vagrants Separation Equal Vision Records
4/26/2019 Varaha A Passage For Lost Years Prosthetic Records
4/26/2019 Vaura Sables Profound Lore Records
4/30/2019 Deiphago I, The Devil Hells Headbangers
5/3/2019 Amon Amarth Berserker Metal Blade Records
5/3/2019 Amygdala Our Voices Will Soar Forever Prosthetic Records
5/3/2019 Body Harvest Parasitic Slavery Comatose Music
5/3/2019 Florida Man Tropical Depression Spartan Records
5/3/2019 Fury Failed Entertainment Run For Cover Records
5/3/2019 Origin Abiogenesis - A Coming Into Existence Agonia Records
5/3/2019 Osiah Kingdom of Lies Unique Leader Records
5/3/2019 Ringworm Death Becomes My Voice Relapse Records
5/3/2019 Sick Gazelle Odum War Crime Recordings
5/3/2019 Sleep Talk Everything In Colour UNFD
5/10/2019 Abnormality Sociopathic Constructs Metal Blade Records
5/10/2019 Arch/Matheos Winter Ethereal Metal Blade Records
5/10/2019 BIG|BRAVE A Gaze Among Them Southern Lord Records
5/10/2019 BillyBio Freedom's Never Free Bridge Nine Records
5/10/2019 Borders Purify Long Branch Records
5/10/2019 Call Of The Void Buried In Light Translation Loss Records
5/10/2019 Defeater Defeater Epitaph Records
5/10/2019 Dreadnought Emergence Profound Lore Records
5/10/2019 Employed To Serve Eternal Forward Motion Spinefarm Records
5/10/2019 Fixation Into The Pain War Records
5/10/2019 Inanimate Existence Clockwork The Artisan Era
5/10/2019 Lice Woe Betide You Season Of Mist
5/10/2019 Martyrdod Hexhammaren Southern Lord Records
5/10/2019 Possessed Revelations of Oblivion Nuclear Blast Records
5/10/2019 Spirit Adrift Divided By Darkness 20 Buck Spin
5/10/2019 Tengger Cavalry Northern Memory self-released
5/10/2019 Warforged I: Voice The Artisan Era
5/10/2019 Zaum Divination Listenable Records
5/17/2019 Encoffination We Proclaim Your Death O' Lord Selfmadegod Records
5/17/2019 Full Of Hell Weeping Choir Relapse Records
5/17/2019 Glassing Spotted Horse Brutal Panda Records
5/17/2019 October Tide In Splendor Below Agonia Records
5/17/2019 Paladin Ascension Prosthetic Records
5/17/2019 Saint Vitus Saint Vitus Season Of Mist
5/17/2019 Vale of Pnath Accursed Willowtip Records
5/17/2019 Worshipper Light in the Wire Tee Pee Records
5/20/2019 Zealot R.I.P. Zealot R.I.P. Three One G
5/24/2019 Adrenaline Adrenaline Flatspot Records
5/24/2019 Decayer End Note We Are Triumphant Records
5/24/2019 Destrage The Chosen One Metal Blade Records
5/24/2019 Earth Full Upon Her Burning Lips Sargent House
5/24/2019 Fleshgod Apocalypse Veleno Nuclear Blast Records
5/24/2019 Hot Water Music Shake Up The Shadows Epitaph Records
5/24/2019 Landless Moonflower Famined Records
5/24/2019 Lvcifyre Sacrament Dark Descent Records
5/24/2019 Neckbeard Deathcamp So Much For The Tolerant Left Prosthetic Records
5/24/2019 Nocturnus AD Paradox Profound Lore Records
5/24/2019 Of Virtue What Defines You SharpTone Records
5/24/2019 Samsara Reap What You Sow Innerstrength Records
5/24/2019 Vale The Guilded Path Flenser Records
5/31/2019 Darkthrone Old Star Peaceville Records
5/31/2019 Death Angel Humanicide Nuclear Blast Records
5/31/2019 Evil Angel Unholy Evil Metal Hells Headbangers
5/31/2019 Funeral Storm Arcane Mysteries Hells Headbangers
5/31/2019 Krypts Cadaver Circulation Dark Descent Records
5/31/2019 Nekroi Theoi Dead Gods Prosthetic Records
5/31/2019 Ubergang Evolution Demons Run Amok Entertainment
5/31/2019 Vader Thy Messenger Nuclear Blast Records
6/7/2019 All Hell The Witch's Grail Prosthetic Records
6/7/2019 As Cities Burn Scream Through the Walls Equal Vision Records
6/7/2019 Barbarian To No God Shall I Kneel Hells Headbangers
6/7/2019 Cave In Final Transmission Hydra Head Records
6/7/2019 CHON CHON Sumerian Records
6/7/2019 Comrades For We Are Not Yet, We Are Only Becoming Facedown Records
6/7/2019 Drowse Light Mirror Flenser Records
6/7/2019 Enthroned Cold Black Suns Season Of Mist
6/7/2019 Fetid Steeping Corporeal Mess 20 Buck Spin
6/7/2019 Flub Flub The Artisan Era
6/7/2019 Motanka Motanka Napalm Records
6/7/2019 Motionless In White Disguise Roadrunner Records
6/7/2019 Pelican Nighttime Stories Southern Lord Records
6/7/2019 Upon A Burning Body Southern Hostility Seek and Strike
6/7/2019 Violent Life Violent Death Sadness Rains Innerstrength Records
6/14/2019 Baroness Gold & Grey self-released
6/14/2019 Beheaded Only Death Can Save You Agonia Records
6/14/2019 Berthold City What Time Takes War Records
6/14/2019 Friendship Undercurrent Southern Lord Records
6/14/2019 Hate Auric Gates Of Veles Metal Blade Records
6/14/2019 Ingested The Call of the Void Unique Leader Records
6/14/2019 Pinkish Black Concept Unification Relapse Records
6/14/2019 This Gift Is A Curse A Throne of Ash Season Of Mist
6/21/2019 Glare of the Sun Theia Lifeforce Records
6/21/2019 Gygax High Fantasy Creator Destructor Records
6/21/2019 Hex Machine Cave Painting self-released
6/21/2019 Howling Sycamore Seven Pathways to Annihilation Prosthetic Records
6/21/2019 Memoriam Requiem For Mankind Nuclear Blast Records
6/21/2019 Organectomy Existential Disconnect Unique Leader Records
6/21/2019 Redbait Cages New Age Records
6/21/2019 State Faults Clairvoyant No Sleep Records
6/21/2019 Superstition The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation 20 Buck Spin
6/28/2019 Ashbringer Absolution Prosthetic Records
6/28/2019 Axioma Crown Translation Loss Records
6/28/2019 Cro-Mags Don't Give In Victory Records
6/28/2019 Denial of God The Shapeless Mass Hells Headbangers
6/28/2019 He Is Legend White Bat Spinefarm Records
6/28/2019 Victims The Horse and Sparrow Theory Relapse Records
7/1/2019 Mind Power Q3 self-released
7/5/2019 3Teeth Exxxit Century Media Records
7/5/2019 Abbath Outstrider Season Of Mist
7/5/2019 Brand of Sacrifice God Hand Unique Leader Records
7/5/2019 Chemtrail Collider Good Fight Music
7/5/2019 Dan Briggs Beyond What Is Real self-released
7/5/2019 Drown This City Alpha // Survivor UNFD
7/5/2019 Immortal Bird Thrive On Neglect 20 Buck Spin
7/5/2019 The Take The Take Demons Run Amok Entertainment
7/12/2019 Auras Binary Garden MNRK Music Group
7/12/2019 Batushka Hospodi Metal Blade Records
7/12/2019 Blacks0n Cry For Inspiration Famined Records
7/12/2019 Cold Curse Violent Measure Creator Destructor Records
7/12/2019 Disentomb The Decaying Light Unique Leader Records
7/12/2019 Elder The Gold & Silver Sessions self-released
7/12/2019 Enforced At The Walls War Records
7/12/2019 False Portent Gilead Media
7/12/2019 Hyvmine Retaliation Seek and Strike
7/12/2019 Nekrofilth Love Me Like a Reptile EP Hells Headbangers
7/12/2019 Oh, Sleeper Bloodied / Unbowed Solid State Records
7/12/2019 Suicide Silence Live & Mental Nuclear Blast Records
7/12/2019 Torche Admission Relapse Records
7/12/2019 WAIT We Are In Transit The Artisan Era
7/12/2019 Wear Your Wounds Rust on the Gates of Heaven Deathwish Inc.
7/12/2019 Zonal Zonal EP Relapse Records
7/17/2019 Chamber Ripping / Pulling / Tearing Pure Noise Records
7/19/2019 Crown The Empire Sudden Sky Rise Records
7/19/2019 Halshug Drøm Southern Lord Records
7/19/2019 Jeromes Dream Jeromes Dream self-released
7/19/2019 Obey The Brave Balance self-released
7/19/2019 Tomb Mold Planetary Clairvoyance 20 Buck Spin
7/19/2019 Valis Ablaze Render Long Branch Records
7/19/2019 Wormed Metaportal Season Of Mist
7/26/2019 All Out War Crawl Among the Filth Unbeaten Records
7/26/2019 Cable Take The Stairs To Hell Translation Loss Records
7/26/2019 Cherubs Immaculada High Relapse Records
7/26/2019 Death Before Dishonor Unfinished Business Bridge Nine Records
7/26/2019 Sanction Broken in Refraction Pure Noise Records
7/26/2019 Thy Art Is Murder Human Target Nuclear Blast Records
7/26/2019 Wolves At The Gate Eclipse Solid State Records
8/2/2019 Carnifex World War X Nuclear Blast Records
8/2/2019 En Minor En Minor Housecore Records
8/2/2019 Finsterforst Zerfall Napalm Records
8/2/2019 Humanity's Last Breath Abyssal Unique Leader Records
8/2/2019 Mylingar Döda Själar 20 Buck Spin
8/2/2019 Northlane Alien UNFD
8/2/2019 Reclaimer Grief, Enslaved EP Famined Records
8/2/2019 Russian Circles Blood Year Sargent House
8/2/2019 Street Sects Gentrification III: Death and Displacement Flenser Records
8/9/2019 Destruction Born To Perish Nuclear Blast Records
8/9/2019 Pathology Reborn to Kill Pavement Entertainment
8/9/2019 Phobia Generation Coward Willowtip Records
8/9/2019 Slipknot We Are Not Your Kind Roadrunner Records
8/9/2019 Strung Out Songs of Armor and Devotion Fat Wreck Chords
8/9/2019 The Contortionist Our Bones MNRK Music Group
8/9/2019 Zombie Apocalypse Life Without Pain is a Fucking Fantasy Innerstrength Records
8/16/2019 Abysmal Lord Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal Hells Headbangers
8/16/2019 Bound In Fear The Hand of Violence Unique Leader Records
8/16/2019 Capture Lost Control Artery Recordings
8/16/2019 Cerebral Rot Odious Descent Into Decay 20 Buck Spin
8/16/2019 Devourment Obscene Majesty Relapse Records
8/16/2019 Hammerfall Dominion Napalm Records
8/16/2019 Killswitch Engage Atonement Metal Blade Records
8/16/2019 Shock Narcotic I Have Seen the Future and It Doesn't Work Housecore Records
8/23/2019 Ceremony In the Spirit World Now Relapse Records
8/23/2019 Coarse Cut and Preserved 6131 Records
8/23/2019 Domination Inc. Memoir 414 SPV/Steamhammer
8/23/2019 Forgetting The Memories Known Darkness Long Branch Records
8/23/2019 In Cold Blood Legion of Angels Fast Break! Entertainment
8/23/2019 It Prevails A Life Worth Living Stay Sick Recordings
8/23/2019 Knocked Loose A Different Shade of Blue Pure Noise Records
8/23/2019 Meth. Mother of Red Light Prosthetic Records
8/23/2019 Sacred Reich Awakening Metal Blade Records
8/23/2019 Speaking With Ghosts Into The Grey EP Seek and Strike
8/23/2019 The Holeum Sublime Emptiness Lifeforce Records
8/23/2019 WRVTH No Rising Sun Unique Leader Records
8/30/2019 Cliterati Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies Tankcrimes
8/30/2019 Culted Vespertina Synaxis - A Prayer for Union & Emptiness EP Season Of Mist
8/30/2019 Drag Them Down Drag Them Down self-released
8/30/2019 Entombed A.D. Bowels of Earth Century Media Records
8/30/2019 Essence of Datum Spellcrying Machine Season Of Mist
8/30/2019 Eyes Of The Lord Misery Feels Like Home Closed Casket Activities
8/30/2019 Hesitation Wounds Chicanery Deathwish Inc.
8/30/2019 In Search Of Solace Enslaved To Tragedy SharpTone Records
8/30/2019 Ledge All I Hope For Translation Loss Records
8/30/2019 Portrayal of Guilt Suffering Is A Gift EP Closed Casket Activities
8/30/2019 SECT Blood Of The Beasts Southern Lord Records
8/30/2019 Tool Fear Inoculum RCA Records
8/30/2019 Wage War Pressure Fearless Records
8/30/2019 Witch Vomit Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave 20 Buck Spin
9/6/2019 Cognizance Malignant Dominion Prosthetic Records
9/6/2019 Drugs Of Faith Decay EP Selfmadegod Records
9/6/2019 Kayo Dot Blasphemy Prophecy Productions
9/6/2019 Mizmor Cairn Gilead Media
9/6/2019 Omophagia 646965 Unique Leader Records
9/6/2019 Slaughtbbath Alchemical Warfare Hells Headbangers
9/6/2019 Sleeping With Sirens How It Feels To Be Lost Sumerian Records
9/6/2019 Vitriol To Bathe from the Throat of Cowardice Century Media Records
9/13/2019 Absence of Despair Desolate self-released
9/13/2019 Being As An Ocean Proxy: An A.N.I.M.O. Story self-released
9/13/2019 Betraying The Martyrs Rapture Sumerian Records
9/13/2019 Crypt Sermon The Ruins of Fading Light Dark Descent Records
9/13/2019 Eschaton Death Obsession Unique Leader Records
9/13/2019 Korn The Nothing Roadrunner Records
9/13/2019 Nightfell A Sanity Deranged 20 Buck Spin
9/13/2019 Visceral Disgorge Slithering Evisceration Agonia Records
9/13/2019 Void Of Vision Hyperdaze UNFD
9/13/2019 War of Ages Void Facedown Records
9/13/2019 Woundvac The Road Ahead EP Corpse Flower Records
9/20/2019 As I Lay Dying Shaped By Fire Nuclear Blast Records
9/20/2019 Blood Eagle To Ride In Blood & Bathe In Greed I EP Nuclear Blast Records
9/20/2019 Capstan Restless Heart, Keep Running Fearless Records
9/20/2019 City State Equinox Famined Records
9/20/2019 Coffins Beyond The Circular Demise Relapse Records
9/20/2019 Cult of Luna A Dawn to Fear Metal Blade Records
9/20/2019 Exhorder Mourn The Southern Skies Nuclear Blast Records
9/20/2019 Hangman One By One Flatspot Records
9/20/2019 Monolord No Comfort Relapse Records
9/20/2019 No One Knows What The Dead Think No One Knows What The Dead Think Willowtip Records
9/20/2019 The Agonist Orphans Napalm Records
9/20/2019 The Number Twelve Looks Like You Wild Gods self-released
9/20/2019 Tides From Nebula From Voodoo To Zen Long Branch Records
9/20/2019 Urn Iron Will of Power Season Of Mist
9/25/2019 UnityTX Madboy Pure Noise Records
9/27/2019 .gif from god approximation_of_a_human Prosthetic Records
9/27/2019 Borknagar True North Century Media Records
9/27/2019 Car Bomb Mordial self-released
9/27/2019 Creeping Death Wretched Illusions MNRK Music Group
9/27/2019 High Command Beyond The Wall Of Desolation Southern Lord Records
9/27/2019 Implore Alienated Despair Century Media Records
9/27/2019 Mars Red Sky The Task Eternal Listenable Records
9/27/2019 Of Mice & Men Earthandsky Rise Records
9/27/2019 Opeth In Cauda Venenum Nuclear Blast Records
9/27/2019 SeeYouSpaceCowboy The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds Pure Noise Records
9/27/2019 Sempiternal Dusk Cenotaph of Defectuous Creation Dark Descent Records
10/4/2019 Dysrhythmia Terminal Threshold Translation Loss Records
10/4/2019 Exhumed Horror Relapse Records
10/4/2019 Gatecreeper Deserted Relapse Records
10/4/2019 GosT Valediction Century Media Records
10/4/2019 Hellhorse Paradise Lost Creator Destructor Records
10/4/2019 In Mourning Garden Of Storms Agonia Records
10/4/2019 Insomnium Heart Like A Grave Century Media Records
10/4/2019 Issues Beautiful Oblivion Rise Records
10/4/2019 Kublai Khan Absolute Rise Records
10/4/2019 Ramallah The Last Gasp of Street Rock N' Roll Sailor's Grave Records
10/4/2019 Spite The Root of All Evil Stay Sick Recordings
10/4/2019 Toxic Holocaust Primal Future: 2019 MNRK Music Group
10/11/2019 Blut Aus Nord Hallucinogen Debemur Morti Productions
10/11/2019 Bury Your Dead We Are Bury Your Dead Stay Sick Recordings
10/11/2019 Crepuscle Heavenly Skies Creator Destructor Records
10/11/2019 Gideon Out of Control Equal Vision Records
10/11/2019 Lacuna Coil Black Anima Century Media Records
10/11/2019 Mortiferum Disgorged From Psychotic Depths Profound Lore Records
10/11/2019 Municipal Waste The Last Rager Nuclear Blast Records
10/11/2019 Profanatica Rotting Incarnation of God Season Of Mist
10/11/2019 Signs Of The Swarm Vital Deprivation Unique Leader Records
10/11/2019 Singularity Place of Chains The Artisan Era
10/11/2019 Sorxe The Ark Burner Prosthetic Records
10/11/2019 The Devil Wears Prada The Act Solid State Records
10/11/2019 Thousand Below Gone In Your Wake Rise Records
10/11/2019 Toothgrinder I Am Spinefarm Records
10/11/2019 Unleash the Archers Explorers EP Napalm Records
10/11/2019 Varials In Darkness Fearless Records
10/18/2019 1349 The Infernal Pathway Season Of Mist
10/18/2019 Deez Nuts You Got Me Fucked Up Century Media Records
10/18/2019 I Declare War Downcast self-released
10/18/2019 Mass Worship Mass Worship Century Media Records
10/18/2019 Necronomicon Unus Season Of Mist
10/18/2019 Pissed Regardless Imperial Cult Creator Destructor Records
10/18/2019 Refused War Music Spinefarm Records
10/18/2019 Strawberry Girls Tasmanian Glow Tragic Hero Records
10/18/2019 Take Offense Keep An Eye Out Pure Noise Records
10/18/2019 Uneven Structure Paragon Long Branch Records
10/22/2019 Sleave Don't Expect Anything Engineer Records
10/25/2019 Alcest Spiritual Instinct Nuclear Blast Records
10/25/2019 Bad Wolves N.A.T.I.O.N. Eleven Seven Music
10/25/2019 Cloak The Burning Dawn Season Of Mist
10/25/2019 Consumer In Computers Flenser Records
10/25/2019 Dawn Ray'd Behold Sedition Plainsong Prosthetic Records
10/25/2019 Denial of God The Hallow Mass Osmose Productions
10/25/2019 Exmortus Legions Of The Undead EP M-Theory Audio
10/25/2019 Fit For An Autopsy The Sea of Tragic Beasts Nuclear Blast Records
10/25/2019 Hour Of Penance Misotheism Agonia Records
10/25/2019 Jinjer Macro Napalm Records
10/25/2019 Leprous Pitfalls InsideOut Music
10/25/2019 Mayhem Daemon Century Media Records
10/25/2019 Norma Jean All Hail Solid State Records
10/25/2019 Petbrick I Closed Casket Activities
10/25/2019 Process Black Countdown Failure EP Deathwish Inc.
10/25/2019 Rings of Saturn Gidim Nuclear Blast Records
10/25/2019 Skinlab Venomous Art Is War Records
10/25/2019 Sunn O))) Pyroclasts Southern Lord Records
10/25/2019 The Great Old Ones Cosmicism Season Of Mist
10/25/2019 Thornhill The Dark Pool UNFD
10/25/2019 Vamachara Hereafter Closed Casket Activities
10/25/2019 Vastum Orificial Purge 20 Buck Spin
10/25/2019 Wolves Like Us Brittle Bones Pelagic Records
10/25/2019 Zonal Wrecked Relapse Records
10/29/2019 Dayshell Mr. Pain self-released
10/31/2019 Sun in Shadows Bad Spirits self-released
11/1/2019 American Grim Ultra Black MNRK Music Group
11/1/2019 Arcline Gateway Drugs Upstate Records
11/1/2019 Cannabis Corpse Nug So Vile Season Of Mist
11/1/2019 Counterparts Nothing Left to Love Pure Noise Records
11/1/2019 Cunts Cunts Ipecac Recordings
11/1/2019 Dawn of Disease Procession of Ghosts Napalm Records
11/1/2019 Fire From the Gods American Sun Eleven Seven Music
11/1/2019 Frail Body A Brief Memoriam Deathwish Inc.
11/1/2019 Insvrgence Hell At Last Stay Sick Recordings
11/1/2019 Nile Vile Nilotic Rites Nuclear Blast Records
11/1/2019 Novembers Doom Nephilim Grove Prophecy Productions
11/1/2019 Stray From The Path Internal Atomics UNFD
11/1/2019 Une Misère Sermon Nuclear Blast Records
11/1/2019 Voyager Colours in the Sun Season Of Mist
11/1/2019 Year Of The Cobra Ash And Dust Prophecy Productions
11/2/2019 Angel Witch Angel of Light Metal Blade Records
11/8/2019 Agnostic Front Get Loud! Nuclear Blast Records
11/8/2019 Bask III Season Of Mist
11/8/2019 Criminal Instinct Terrible Things Closed Casket Activities
11/8/2019 Dismemberment Arc Of Ancients Creator Destructor Records
11/8/2019 Esoteric A Pyrrhic Existence Season Of Mist
11/8/2019 Greet Death New Hell Deathwish Inc.
11/8/2019 Have A Nice Life Sea of Worry Flenser Records
11/8/2019 Hideous Divinity Simulacrum Century Media Records
11/8/2019 Immanifest Macrobial The Artisan Era
11/8/2019 Schammasch Hearts Of No Light Prosthetic Records
11/8/2019 Wolfbrigade The Enemy: Reality Southern Lord Records
11/11/2019 Sons of Texas Resurgence EP self-released
11/13/2019 Like Moths To Flames Where the Light Refuses To Go UNFD
11/15/2019 Abigail Williams Walk Beyond the Dark Blood Music
11/15/2019 Bombus Vulture Culture Century Media Records
11/15/2019 Cyhra No Halos In Hell Nuclear Blast Records
11/15/2019 Despised Icon Purgatory Nuclear Blast Records
11/15/2019 Hanging Garden Into That Good Night Lifeforce Records
11/15/2019 Infidel Reich Reichenstein Regain Records
11/15/2019 Left Behind No One Goes To Heaven Pure Noise Records
11/15/2019 Ragnarok Non Debellicata Agonia Records
11/15/2019 Raised Fist Anthems Epitaph Records
11/15/2019 Raw Hex Always High, Always Low Closed Casket Activities
11/15/2019 Vatican Sole Impulse 1126 Records
11/22/2019 Avatarium The Fire I Long For Nuclear Blast Records
11/22/2019 Blood Eagle To Ride In Blood & Bathe In Greed II EP Nuclear Blast Records
11/22/2019 Blood Incantation Hidden History of the Human Race Dark Descent Records
11/22/2019 Buildings Negative Sound Gilead Media
11/22/2019 Child Bite Blow Off The Omens Housecore Records
11/22/2019 Den Iron Desert Corpse Flower Records
11/22/2019 Lord Mantis Universal Death Church Profound Lore Records
11/22/2019 Luggage Shift Corpse Flower Records
11/22/2019 Obsequiae The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings 20 Buck Spin
11/22/2019 Salvation Year of the Fly Forge Again Records
11/22/2019 Septa Bitten by the Serpent of the Kingdom of the Spirit Venona Records
11/22/2019 Sleep Token Sundowning Spinefarm Records
11/22/2019 Sodom Out of the Frontline Trench EP SPV/Steamhammer
11/22/2019 Street Sects Gentrification IV: Suspended from Gallery Rails Flenser Records
11/22/2019 Strigoi Abandon All Faith Nuclear Blast Records
11/22/2019 Unfathomable Ruination Enraged and Unbound Willowtip Records
11/22/2019 What We Do In Secret Repose Facedown Records
11/29/2019 Cattle Decapitation Death Atlas Metal Blade Records
11/29/2019 Deivos Casus Belli Selfmadegod Records
11/29/2019 Fleshcrawl Into the Catacombs of Flesh Apostasy Records
11/29/2019 Life Awaits Fluorescent Famined Records
11/29/2019 Prong Age Of Defiance SPV/Steamhammer
11/29/2019 Red Death Sickness Divine Century Media Records
11/29/2019 Teeth The Curse of Entropy Translation Loss Records
11/29/2019 The Wraith Gloom Ballet Southern Lord Records
12/6/2019 Cro-Mags From The Grave Victory Records
12/6/2019 Fen The Dead Light Prophecy Productions
12/6/2019 Rule Them All Dreams About… Flatspot Records
12/6/2019 The Old Dead Tree The End Season Of Mist
12/13/2019 Ante Up T.I.M.E. Upstate Records
12/13/2019 Death Wolf IV: Come the Dark Regain Records
12/13/2019 Jasta The Lost Chapters Volume 2 self-released
12/13/2019 Nothing Left Disconnected Facedown Records
12/13/2019 Oath of Cruelty Summary Execution at Dawn Dark Descent Records
12/13/2019 Paladin Anamnesis EP Prosthetic Records
12/13/2019 The Warriors Monomyth Pure Noise Records
12/20/2019 Bloodlet Viper In Hand EP Translation Loss Records
12/26/2019 The Acacia Strain It Comes In Waves Closed Casket Activities
12/27/2019 Cianide Unhumanized Hells Headbangers
12/27/2019 NYOGTHAEBLISZ Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurpation Hells Headbangers
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