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Metal and Hardcore Albums Released in 2018

Find the best metal music and hardcore music released in the selected yearw. While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our album releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
1/5/2018 Shining X - Varg Utan Flock Season Of Mist
1/5/2018 Sinistro Sangue Cassia Season Of Mist
1/5/2018 Summoning With Doom We Come Napalm Records
1/5/2018 Vile Ones Teeth Good Fight Music
1/5/2018 Watain Trident Wolf Eclipse Century Media Records
1/12/2018 Bleeding Gods Dodekathlon Nuclear Blast Records
1/12/2018 Corrosion Of Conformity No Cross No Crown Nuclear Blast Records
1/12/2018 White Wizzard Infernal Overdrive M-Theory Audio
1/19/2018 Arkona Khram Napalm Records
1/19/2018 Cane Hill Too Far Gone Rise Records
1/19/2018 Druid Lord Grotesque Offerings Hells Headbangers
1/19/2018 Earth Caller Crystal Death MNRK Music Group
1/19/2018 Inquisitor Stigmata Me, I'm In Misery Hammerheart Records
1/19/2018 Night Verses Copper Wasp self-released
1/19/2018 Of Mice & Men Defy Rise Records
1/26/2018 Accuser The Mastery Metal Blade Records
1/26/2018 Agrimonia Awaken Southern Lord Records
1/26/2018 Centuries The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding Southern Lord Records
1/26/2018 Communion The Communion Hells Headbangers
1/26/2018 Die Young The God For Which We Suffer Good Fight Music
1/26/2018 Hooded Menace Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed Season Of Mist
1/26/2018 Howling Sycamore Howling Sycamore Prosthetic Records
1/26/2018 Machine Head Catharsis Nuclear Blast Records
1/26/2018 Mammoth Grinder Cosmic Crypt Relapse Records
1/26/2018 Orphaned Land Unsung Prophets And Dead Messiahs Century Media Records
1/26/2018 Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue Housecore Records
1/26/2018 Portal Ion Profound Lore Records
1/26/2018 Primal Rite Dirge of Escapism Revelation Records
1/26/2018 Sleeping Giant I Am Facedown Records
1/26/2018 Tribulation Down Below Century Media Records
1/26/2018 Vargrav Netherstorm Hells Headbangers
2/2/2018 Genocide Pact Order of Torment Relapse Records
2/9/2018 Erdve Vaitojimas Season Of Mist
2/9/2018 Good Tiger We Will All Be Gone Metal Blade Records
2/9/2018 Harms Way Posthuman Metal Blade Records
2/9/2018 King Witch Under The Mountain Listenable Records
2/9/2018 One Decade Coma Visions self-released
2/9/2018 Pissed Regardless Feed The Birds Creator Destructor Records
2/9/2018 Rotting Christ The Call Peaceville Records
2/9/2018 The Atlas Moth Coma Noir Prosthetic Records
2/9/2018 Visigoth Conqueror's Oath Metal Blade Records
2/16/2018 American Nightmare American Nightmare Rise Records
2/16/2018 Ataraxy When All Hope Fades Dark Descent Records
2/16/2018 Barren Womb Old Money / New Lows Spartan Records
2/16/2018 Extinction A.D. Decimation Treaty Good Fight Music
2/16/2018 For The Fallen Dreams Six Rise Records
2/16/2018 Horcrux The Dark Mark self-released
2/16/2018 Letters From The Colony Vignette Nuclear Blast Records
2/16/2018 Loathe / Holding Absence This Is As One SharpTone Records
2/16/2018 Neolithic / Martyrdod split EP Deep Six Records
2/16/2018 Pianos Become The Teeth Wait For Love Epitaph Records
2/16/2018 Senses Fail If There Is A Light, It Will Find You Pure Noise Records
2/16/2018 The Plot In You Dispose Fearless Records
2/16/2018 Windhand / Satan's Satyrs split Relapse Records
2/23/2018 Afgrund The Dystopian Selfmadegod Records
2/23/2018 Alterbeast Feast Unique Leader Records
2/23/2018 Cabal Mark Of Rot SPV/Steamhammer
2/23/2018 Deathwhite For a Black Tomorrow Season Of Mist
2/23/2018 Destroyer 666 Call of the Wild Season Of Mist
2/23/2018 Household Everything A River Should Be Equal Vision Records
2/23/2018 Huntsmen American Scrap Prosthetic Records
2/23/2018 Insect Ark Marrow Hymns Profound Lore Records
2/23/2018 Kaoteon Damnatio Memoriae self-released
2/23/2018 Necrophobic Mark Of The Necrogram Century Media Records
2/23/2018 Sumac / Keiji Haino American Dollar Bill... Thrill Jockey Records
2/23/2018 Tengger Cavalry Cian Bi Napalm Records
2/23/2018 Thy Antichrist Wrath Of The Beast Napalm Records
2/23/2018 Turnstile Time & Space Roadrunner Records
2/23/2018 Usurpress Interregnum Agonia Records
3/2/2018 Ancst Ghosts of the Timeless Void Lifeforce Records
3/2/2018 Black Moth Anatomical Venus Candlelight Records
3/2/2018 ILSA Corpse Fortress Relapse Records
3/2/2018 Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper split LP Relapse Records
3/2/2018 Oceans Of Slumber The Banished Heart Century Media Records
3/2/2018 Savage Hands Barely Alive SharpTone Records
3/2/2018 Stone Inch of Joy Pure Noise Records
3/2/2018 Voidhanger Dark Days Of The Soul Agonia Records
3/9/2018 Between The Buried And Me Automata I Sumerian Records
3/9/2018 Drowse Cold Air Flenser Records
3/9/2018 Drudkh They Often See Dreams About the Spring Season Of Mist
3/9/2018 Judas Priest Firepower Epic Records
3/9/2018 Krosis Solem Vatem Unique Leader Records
3/9/2018 Starkweather / Concealment split Translation Loss Records
3/9/2018 Suicidal Tendencies Get Your Fight On! self-released
3/9/2018 Twitching Tongues Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred Metal Blade Records
3/9/2018 Whipstriker Merciless Artillery Hells Headbangers
3/16/2018 Black Wizard Livin' Oblivion Listenable Records
3/16/2018 Casey Where I Go When I Am Sleeping Rise Records
3/16/2018 Gravehill The Unchaste, the Wicked, & the Profane Dark Descent Records
3/16/2018 Green Druid Ashen Blood Earache Records
3/16/2018 Hell To Pay Bliss GTR Records
3/16/2018 Man Mountain Infinity Mirror Spartan Records
3/16/2018 Monotheist Scourge Prosthetic Records
3/16/2018 Rivers of Nihil Where Owls Know My Name Metal Blade Records
3/16/2018 Susperia The Lyricist Agonia Records
3/16/2018 The Crown Cobra Speed Venom Metal Blade Records
3/23/2018 Blessthefall Hard Feelings Rise Records
3/23/2018 Bruce Lamont Broken Limbs Excite No Pity War Crime Recordings
3/23/2018 Crowned Kings Sea Of Misery Demons Run Amok Entertainment
3/23/2018 Discrepancies The Awakening InVogue Records
3/23/2018 Memoriam The Silent Vigil Nuclear Blast Records
3/23/2018 Mournful Congregation The Incubus Of Karma Prophecy Productions
3/23/2018 Nightmarer Cacophony of Terror Season Of Mist
3/23/2018 Of Feather And Bone Bestial Hymns Of Perversion Profound Lore Records
3/23/2018 The Absence A Gift For The Obsessed M-Theory Audio
3/23/2018 The Fever 333 Made An America Roadrunner Records
3/23/2018 The Sword Used Future Razor & Tie
3/23/2018 Thy Feeble Saviour And Darkness Fell Hells Headbangers
3/23/2018 Will Haven Muerte Minus Head Records
3/30/2018 Augury Illusive Golden Age The Artisan Era
3/30/2018 Berthold City Moment Of Truth War Records
3/30/2018 Eagle Twin The Thundering Heard (Songs Of Hoof And Horn) Southern Lord Records
3/30/2018 Feto In Fetus From Blessing To Violence Selfmadegod Records
3/30/2018 Grandiose Malice The Eternal Inferna Hells Headbangers
3/30/2018 Light The Torch Revival Nuclear Blast Records
3/30/2018 Primordial Exile Amongst The Ruins Metal Blade Records
3/30/2018 Realms of Vision Through All Unknown Creator Destructor Records
3/30/2018 Take Offense Tensions On High Flatspot Records
3/30/2018 WuW Rien Ne Nous Sera Épargné Prosthetic Records
3/30/2018 Zeke Hellbender Relapse Records
4/6/2018 Black Salvation Uncertainty Is Bliss Relapse Records
4/6/2018 Bleed From Within Era Century Media Records
4/6/2018 Caliban Elements Century Media Records
4/6/2018 Crisix Against The Odds Listenable Records
4/6/2018 Glorior Belli The Apostates Season Of Mist
4/6/2018 Hypno5e Alba - Les Ombres Errantes Pelagic Records
4/6/2018 Lecherous Nocturne Occultaclysmic Willowtip Records
4/6/2018 Underoath Erase Me Fearless Records
4/10/2018 Call It Home Better Days self-released
4/13/2018 Graveshadow Ambition's Price M-Theory Audio
4/13/2018 Machinist! Closer to Death Innerstrength Records
4/13/2018 Nekrogoblikon Welcome To Bonkers self-released
4/13/2018 Rotten Sound Suffer To Abuse Season Of Mist
4/13/2018 Scientist Barbelith self-released
4/13/2018 Septic Tank Rotting Civilisation Rise Above Records
4/13/2018 Skeletal Remains Devouring Mortality Dark Descent Records
4/13/2018 Unprocessed Covenant Long Branch Records
4/13/2018 War On Women Capture The Flag Bridge Nine Records
4/13/2018 Whoresnation Whoresnation Throatruiner Records
4/13/2018 Wrong Feel Great Relapse Records
4/13/2018 Yashira Shrine Good Fight Music
4/20/2018 A Perfect Circle Eat The Elephant self-released
4/20/2018 Butcher ABC North Of Hell Selfmadegod Records
4/20/2018 Cancer Bats The Spark That Moves New Damage Records
4/20/2018 Dark Buddha Rising II Neurot Recordings
4/20/2018 Ghastly Death Velour 20 Buck Spin
4/20/2018 Shields Life In Exile Long Branch Records
4/20/2018 TesseracT Sonder Kscope
4/20/2018 The Melvins Pinkus Abortion Technician Ipecac Recordings
4/20/2018 Vomitor Pestilent Death Hells Headbangers
4/21/2018 Inferi Revenant The Artisan Era
4/23/2018 Deiquisitor Downfall of the Apostates Dark Descent Records
4/27/2018 Aura Noir Aura Noire Indie Recordings
4/27/2018 CHRCH Light Will Consume Us All Neurot Recordings
4/27/2018 Demonical Chaos Manifesto Agonia Records
4/27/2018 Homewrecker Hell Is Here Now Good Fight Music
4/27/2018 Ingested The Level Above Human Unique Leader Records
4/27/2018 LIMBS Father's Son UNFD
4/27/2018 LLNN Deads Pelagic Records
4/27/2018 Sink The Ship Persevere SharpTone Records
4/27/2018 Taken With Regard To Other People Records
4/27/2018 Varathron Patriarchs Of Evil Agonia Records
4/27/2018 Violation Wound With Man In Charge Peaceville Records
4/27/2018 Voices Frightened Candlelight Records
4/27/2018 Wolf King Loyal To The Soil Prosthetic Records
5/2/2018 Dead Cross Dead Cross Ipecac Recordings
5/4/2018 Dimmu Borgir Eonian Nuclear Blast Records
5/4/2018 Ihsahn Amr Candlelight Records
5/4/2018 New Heart Feel The Change Blood & Ink Records
5/4/2018 Parkway Drive Reverence Epitaph Records
5/4/2018 The Word Alive Violent Noise Fearless Records
5/4/2018 Thy Catafalque Geometria Season Of Mist
5/11/2018 Abraham Look, Here Comes The Dark! Pelagic Records
5/11/2018 Bad Wolves Disobey Eleven Seven Music
5/11/2018 Flesh Hoarder Homicidal Necrophile Comatose Music
5/11/2018 Sevendust All I See Is War Rise Records
5/11/2018 Skinless Savagery Relapse Records
5/18/2018 Alkaloid Liquid Anatomy Season Of Mist
5/18/2018 Amorphis Queen Of Time Nuclear Blast Records
5/18/2018 At The Gates To Drink From The Night Itself Century Media Records
5/18/2018 Burn The Priest Legion: XX Epic Records
5/18/2018 Fister No Spirit Within Listenable Records
5/18/2018 Nocturnal Graves Titan Season Of Mist
5/18/2018 Obliterate Impending Death Unique Leader Records
5/18/2018 Slowtrip Blur Anchor Eighty Four Records
5/18/2018 The Afterimage Eve Tragic Hero Records
5/25/2018 Acherontas Faustian Ethos Agonia Records
5/25/2018 Baptists Beacon Of Faith Southern Lord Records
5/25/2018 Bleeding Through Love Will Kill All SharpTone Records
5/25/2018 Candlemass House Of Doom Napalm Records
5/25/2018 Failure Your Body Will Be self-released
5/25/2018 Graveyard Peace Nuclear Blast Records
5/25/2018 Jonathan Davis Black Labyrinth Sumerian Records
5/25/2018 Light This City Terminal Bloom Creator Destructor Records
5/25/2018 Micawber Beyond The Reach Of The Flame Prosthetic Records
5/25/2018 Pressure Cracks Pressure Cracks self-released
5/25/2018 Sacrocurse Gnostic Holocaust Hells Headbangers
5/25/2018 Split Cranium I'm The Devil and I'm OK Ipecac Recordings
5/25/2018 Torture Rack Malefic Humiliation 20 Buck Spin
5/25/2018 Wayfarer World's Blood Profound Lore Records
5/25/2018 Witchsorrow Hexenhammer Candlelight Records
6/1/2018 Alien Weaponry Napalm Records
6/1/2018 Burial In The Sky Creatio et Hominus self-released
6/1/2018 Ghost Prequelle Loma Vista Recordings
6/1/2018 Gruesome Twisted Prayers Relapse Records
6/1/2018 Kataklysm Meditations Nuclear Blast Records
6/1/2018 Nervosa Downfall of Mankind Napalm Records
6/1/2018 Purgatory Cold Side Of Reality Unbeaten Records
6/1/2018 Slapshot Make America Hate Again Bridge Nine Records
6/1/2018 Witchskull Coven's Will Rise Above Records
6/7/2018 Tomb Mold Manor Of Infinite Forms 20 Buck Spin
6/8/2018 Dance Gavin Dance Artificial Selection Rise Records
6/8/2018 Lesser Glow Ruined Pelagic Records
6/8/2018 Modern Life Is War Tribulation Worksongs Vol. 1 Deathwish Inc.
6/8/2018 Yob Our Raw Heart Relapse Records
6/15/2018 ASG Survive Sunrise Relapse Records
6/15/2018 Culture Abuse Bay Dream Epitaph Records
6/15/2018 Gyre Shared Visions self-released
6/15/2018 Khemmis Desolation 20 Buck Spin
6/15/2018 Levels Levels Famined Records
6/15/2018 Madball For The Cause Nuclear Blast Records
6/15/2018 Orange Goblin The Wolf Bites Back Candlelight Records
6/15/2018 Spine Faith Bridge Nine Records
6/21/2018 Code Orange The Hurt Will Go On Roadrunner Records
6/22/2018 Amarok Devoured Translation Loss Records
6/22/2018 Craft White Noise and Black Metal Season Of Mist
6/22/2018 Deathgrave So Real, It's Now Tankcrimes
6/22/2018 Hatchet Dying To Exist Combat Records
6/22/2018 Impending Doom The Sin and Doom Vol. II MNRK Music Group
6/22/2018 Marduk Viktoria Century Media Records
6/22/2018 Mortuous Through Wilderness Tankcrimes
6/22/2018 Vein Errorzone Closed Casket Activities
6/29/2018 Blind Justice No Matter The Cost Flatspot Records
6/29/2018 Bullet For My Valentine Gravity Spinefarm Records
6/29/2018 Converge Beautiful Ruin EP Epitaph Records
6/29/2018 DENS No Small Tempest Facedown Records
6/29/2018 Night Verses From the Gallery of Sleep Equal Vision Records
6/29/2018 Self Defense Family Have You Considered Punk Music Run For Cover Records
6/29/2018 Shylmagoghnar Transience Napalm Records
6/29/2018 Throneum The Tight Deathrope Act Over Rubicon Hells Headbangers
7/6/2018 Devildriver Outlaws 'Til The End Napalm Records
7/6/2018 Devin Townsend Ocean Machine - Live At The Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv InsideOut Music
7/6/2018 Immortal Northern Chaos Gods Nuclear Blast Records
7/6/2018 Kontinuum No Need for Reason Season Of Mist
7/6/2018 Lucifer Lucifer II Century Media Records
7/6/2018 Secret Cutter Quantum Eraser Deathwish Inc.
7/6/2018 Six Feet Under Unburied Metal Blade Records
7/6/2018 VELD S.I.N. Spawned In Nothingness Listenable Records
7/13/2018 Between The Buried And Me Automata II Sumerian Records
7/13/2018 Birds In Row We Already Lost the World Deathwish Inc.
7/13/2018 Black Fast Spectre of Ruin MNRK Music Group
7/13/2018 Bury Tomorrow Black Flame Sony Records
7/13/2018 Chelsea Grin Eternal Nightmare Rise Records
7/13/2018 Deafheaven Ordinary Corrupt Human Love ANTI-
7/13/2018 Hopesfall Arbiter Equal Vision Records
7/13/2018 Imperial Triumphant Vile Luxury Gilead Media
7/13/2018 Mordant Rapture The Abnegation The Artisan Era
7/13/2018 Obscura Diluvium Relapse Records
7/13/2018 Oubliette The Passage The Artisan Era
7/14/2018 Decayer The Agony Cycle We Are Triumphant Records
7/20/2018 Cemetery Lust Rotting in Piss Hells Headbangers
7/20/2018 Depths of Hatred Bloodguilt Prosthetic Records
7/20/2018 Drowning 23 Fast Break! Entertainment
7/20/2018 Extremity Coffin Birth 20 Buck Spin
7/20/2018 God Alone Bent Shoulders Rise Records
7/20/2018 Jungle Rot Jungle Rot Victory Records
7/20/2018 Khôrada SALT Prophecy Productions
7/20/2018 Mothersound The Distance Between Stay Sick Recordings
7/20/2018 Mutilation Rites Chasm Gilead Media
7/20/2018 Skeletonwitch Devouring Radiant Light Prosthetic Records
7/20/2018 The Agony Scene Tormentor Outerloop Records
7/20/2018 The Lion's Daughter Future Cult Season Of Mist
7/20/2018 Wisdom In Chains Nothing In Nature Respects Weakness Fast Break! Entertainment
7/27/2018 Axis of Despair Contempt For Man Southern Lord Records
7/27/2018 Beach Rats Wasted Time Bridge Nine Records
7/27/2018 Decline Of The I Escape Agonia Records
7/27/2018 Faithxtractor Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter Hells Headbangers
7/27/2018 Inexorum Lore Of The Lakes Gilead Media
7/27/2018 Otep Kult 45 Napalm Records
7/27/2018 Outline Fire Whiplash Hells Headbangers
7/27/2018 Shed The Skin We of Scorn Hells Headbangers
7/27/2018 Sinking Suns Bad Vibes Reptilian Records
7/27/2018 Thou Rheia Sylvia Deathwish Inc.
7/27/2018 Ultra-Violence Operation Misdirection Candlelight Records
7/27/2018 Violation Wound / Cliterati split Tankcrimes
8/3/2018 Abhorrent Deformity Slaughter Monolith Comatose Music
8/3/2018 Bone Crew Bone Crew Stay Sick Recordings
8/3/2018 Crossfaith Ex_Machina UNFD
8/3/2018 Earth Groans Rahab Solid State Records
8/3/2018 Halcyon Way Bloody But Unbowed Agonia Records
8/3/2018 Integrity / Krieg split LP Relapse Records
8/3/2018 Mongrel's Cross Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court Hells Headbangers
8/3/2018 Soreption Monument of the End Sumerian Records
8/10/2018 Aethereus Absentia The Artisan Era
8/10/2018 Erra Neon Sumerian Records
8/10/2018 Transient Sources Of Human Satisfaction Six Weeks Records
8/10/2018 Unanimated Annihilation Century Media Records
8/15/2018 Earthists. Lifebinder Tragic Hero Records
8/17/2018 Black Tusk T.C.B.T. Season Of Mist
8/17/2018 Burial Invocation Abiogenesis Dark Descent Records
8/17/2018 Cemetery Urn Barbaric Retribution Hells Headbangers
8/17/2018 Innumerable Forms Punishment In Flesh Profound Lore Records
8/17/2018 Kill Everything Scorched Earth Comatose Music
8/17/2018 Primitive Man / Unearthly Trance split LP Relapse Records
8/17/2018 Rebel Wizard Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response Prosthetic Records
8/17/2018 Sails of Serenity The Crossing Famined Records
8/17/2018 Trappist Ancient Brewing Tactics Relapse Records
8/24/2018 Jesus Piece Only Self Southern Lord Records
8/24/2018 Lair of the Minotaur Dragon Eagle Of Chaos self-released
8/24/2018 Leeched You Took The Sun When You Left Prosthetic Records
8/24/2018 Mantar The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze Nuclear Blast Records
8/24/2018 The Amity Affliction Misery Roadrunner Records
8/31/2018 Cast The Stone Empyrean Atrophy Agonia Records
8/31/2018 Circles The Last One Season Of Mist
8/31/2018 Gulch Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath Creator Destructor Records
8/31/2018 KEN mode Loved Season Of Mist
8/31/2018 Mamaleek Out of Time Flenser Records
8/31/2018 Omnium Gatherum The Burning Cold Century Media Records
8/31/2018 Roseview The Misery In Me Tragic Hero Records
8/31/2018 Stillbirth Annihilation of Mankind Unique Leader Records
8/31/2018 The Breathing Process Samsara self-released
8/31/2018 The Secret Lux Tenebris Southern Lord Records
8/31/2018 Tragedy Fury self-released
9/7/2018 Arabrot Who Do You Love Pelagic Records
9/7/2018 Clutch Book of Bad Decisions Weathermaker Music
9/7/2018 Counterparts Private Room Pure Noise Records
9/7/2018 Dead Now Dead Now Brutal Panda Records
9/7/2018 Downpour Downpour self-released
9/7/2018 Infera Bruo Cerement Prosthetic Records
9/7/2018 Kingcrow The Persistence Sensory Records
9/7/2018 Korpiklaani Kulkija Nuclear Blast Records
9/7/2018 Krisiun Scourge Of The Enthroned Century Media Records
9/7/2018 Metal Allegiance Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty Nuclear Blast Records
9/7/2018 Pig Destroyer Head Cage Relapse Records
9/7/2018 Set Sights The Heavy Alternative Tragic Hero Records
9/7/2018 Siege Of Power Warning Blast Metal Blade Records
9/7/2018 Skyharbor Sunshine Dust MNRK Music Group
9/7/2018 Stoned Jesus Pilgrims Napalm Records
9/7/2018 The Primals All Love Is True Love Southern Lord Records
9/14/2018 156/Silence Undercover Scumbag Innerstrength Records
9/14/2018 Bosse-de-Nage Further Still Flenser Records
9/14/2018 Conan Existential Void Guardian Napalm Records
9/14/2018 Crippled Black Phoenix Great Escape Season Of Mist
9/14/2018 Cultural Warfare Warmageddon M-Theory Audio
9/14/2018 Deicide Overtures Of Blasphemy Century Media Records
9/14/2018 Diabolic Force Praise of Satan Hells Headbangers
9/14/2018 Failure The Furthest Thing self-released
9/14/2018 Fit For A King Dark Skies Solid State Records
9/14/2018 Future Usses The Existential Haunting Pelagic Records
9/14/2018 Hyperdontia Nexus of Teeth Dark Descent Records
9/14/2018 Infernal Coil Within A World Forgotten Profound Lore Records
9/14/2018 Pyrexia Unholy Requiem Unique Leader Records
9/14/2018 Thrice Palms Epitaph Records
9/21/2018 Aborted TerrorVision Century Media Records
9/21/2018 Dragonlord Dominion Spinefarm Records
9/21/2018 Nuisible Slaves & Snakes Deadlight Entertainment
9/21/2018 Sumac Love In Shadow Thrill Jockey Records
9/21/2018 Voivod The Wake Century Media Records
9/21/2018 Zao / Yashira split EP Good Fight Music
9/28/2018 Anaal Nathrakh A New Kind Of Horror Metal Blade Records
9/28/2018 Beartooth Disease Red Bull Records
9/28/2018 Bloodtruth Martyrium Unique Leader Records
9/28/2018 Bonehunter Children of the Atom Hells Headbangers
9/28/2018 Hangman's Chair Banlieue Triste Spinefarm Records
9/28/2018 Horrendous Idol Season Of Mist
9/28/2018 Immortal Guardian Age of Revolution M-Theory Audio
9/28/2018 Mirrors For Psychic Warfare I See What I Became Neurot Recordings
9/28/2018 Revocation The Outer Ones Metal Blade Records
9/28/2018 Terror Total Retaliation Pure Noise Records
9/28/2018 Un Sentiment Translation Loss Records
10/5/2018 A Storm of Light Anthroscene Translation Loss Records
10/5/2018 Author & Punisher Beastland Relapse Records
10/5/2018 Behemoth I Loved You at Your Darkest Metal Blade Records
10/5/2018 Coheed and Cambria The Unheavenly Creatures Roadrunner Records
10/5/2018 Deathhammer Chained to Hell Hells Headbangers
10/5/2018 High On Fire Electric Messiah MNRK Music Group
10/5/2018 Ice Nine Kills The Silver Scream Fearless Records
10/5/2018 Monuments Phronesis Century Media Records
10/5/2018 Sylar Seasons Hopeless Records
10/12/2018 Atreyu In Our Wake Spinefarm Records
10/12/2018 Basement Beside Myself Fueled By Ramen
10/12/2018 Benighted Dogs Always Bite Harder than their Master Season Of Mist
10/12/2018 Beyond Creation Algorhythm Season Of Mist
10/12/2018 Deadbird III: The Forest Within The Tree 20 Buck Spin
10/12/2018 Helsott Slaves And Gods M-Theory Audio
10/12/2018 Iron Reagan Dark Days Ahead Pop Wig Records
10/12/2018 Outer Heaven Realms Of Eternal Decay Relapse Records
10/12/2018 Racetraitor 2042 Good Fight Music
10/12/2018 Terrorizer Caustic Attack The End Records
10/12/2018 The Odious Construct Shrine of the Obscene The Artisan Era
10/12/2018 Vanhelgd Deimos Sanktuarium Dark Descent Records
10/19/2018 Brainoil Singularity To Extinction Tankcrimes
10/19/2018 Demons Made In The USA Spartan Records
10/19/2018 Erosion Maximum Suffering Hydra Head Records
10/19/2018 Gorod Aethra Overpowered Records
10/19/2018 Internal Bleeding Corrupting Influence Unique Leader Records
10/19/2018 Minus the Bear Fair Enough Suicide Squeeze Records
10/19/2018 Rise Of The Northstar The Legacy of Shi SharpTone Records
10/19/2018 Shook Ones Body Feel Revelation Records
10/19/2018 Soulfly Ritual Nuclear Blast Records
10/26/2018 Bloodbath The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn Peaceville Records
10/26/2018 Cognitive Matricide Unique Leader Records
10/26/2018 Cryptopsy The Book of Suffering self-released
10/26/2018 Daughters You Won't Get What You Want Ipecac Recordings
10/26/2018 Devouring Star The Arteries of Heresy Dark Descent Records
10/26/2018 Glacial Tomb Glacial Tomb Gilead Media
10/26/2018 Haken Vector InsideOut Music
10/26/2018 Hate Eternal Upon Desolate Sands Season Of Mist
10/26/2018 Hissing Permanent Destitution Profound Lore Records
10/26/2018 Into Eternity The Sirens M-Theory Audio
10/26/2018 Languish Unworthy Prosthetic Records
10/26/2018 Nochnoy Dozor Nochnoy Dozor Prophecy Productions
10/26/2018 Pandiscordian Necrogenesis Outer Supernal Gilead Media
10/26/2018 Street Sects The Kicking Mule Flenser Records
10/26/2018 Super Unison Stella Deathwish Inc.
10/26/2018 The Browning Geist Spinefarm Records
10/26/2018 The Casualties Written In Blood Cleopatra Records
10/26/2018 The Order of Apollyon Moriah Agonia Records
10/26/2018 Unleashed The Hunt For White Christ Napalm Records
11/2/2018 Arsis Visitant Nuclear Blast Records
11/2/2018 Drug Church Cheer Pure Noise Records
11/2/2018 Envy Alnair in August Temporary Residence Ltd.
11/2/2018 Graven Heirs Of Discord self-released
11/2/2018 Sick Of It All Wake the Sleeping Dragon Century Media Records
11/2/2018 Silent Planet When the End Began Solid State Records
11/2/2018 The Ocean Phanerozoic Metal Blade Records
11/2/2018 Witherfall A Prelude to Sorrow Century Media Records
11/6/2018 Anal Trump The First 100 Songs self-released
11/9/2018 All That Remains Victim of the New Disease Razor & Tie
11/9/2018 Architects Holy Hell Epitaph Records
11/9/2018 Brand of Sacrifice The Interstice Unique Leader Records
11/9/2018 Cripple Bastards La Fine Cresce Da Dentro Relapse Records
11/9/2018 Cult Leader A Patient Man Deathwish Inc.
11/9/2018 Decembre Noir Autumn Kings Lifeforce Records
11/9/2018 Evoken Hypnagogia Profound Lore Records
11/9/2018 Four Stroke Baron Planet Silver Screen Prosthetic Records
11/9/2018 Lucifer's Child The Order Agonia Records
11/9/2018 Morning Again Survival Instinct Revelation Records
11/9/2018 Old Wounds Glow Good Fight Music
11/9/2018 Psycroptic As the Kingdom Drowns Prosthetic Records
11/9/2018 Thomas Giles Don't Touch The Outside Sumerian Records
11/9/2018 Ulthar Cosmovore 20 Buck Spin
11/16/2018 Azusa Heavy Yoke Solid State Records
11/16/2018 Baring Teeth Transitive Savagery Translation Loss Records
11/16/2018 Deceased Ghostly White Hells Headbangers
11/16/2018 Failure In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind self-released
11/16/2018 Funeral Chic Superstition Prosthetic Records
11/16/2018 King Nine Death Rattle Closed Casket Activities
11/16/2018 Memphis May Fire Broken Rise Records
11/16/2018 Mindforce Excalibur Triple B Records
11/16/2018 Sigh Heir to Despair Candlelight Records
11/20/2018 Pyralis Everything Is Emptiness Good Fight Music
11/23/2018 Blade Killer High Risk M-Theory Audio
11/23/2018 Death Ray Vision Negative Mental Attitude Bullet Tooth
11/23/2018 Planet B Planet B Ipecac Recordings
11/23/2018 Sodom Partisan SPV/Steamhammer
11/23/2018 Unearth Extinction(s) Century Media Records
11/30/2018 BillyBio Feed The Fire AFM Records
11/30/2018 Nachtmystium Resilient Prophecy Productions
11/30/2018 Windrunner Mai Famined Records
12/7/2018 Carnifex Bury Me In Blasphemy Nuclear Blast Records
12/7/2018 Dematerialize Dematerialize Famined Records
12/7/2018 Goathammer Ceremony of Morbid Destruction Hells Headbangers
12/7/2018 Graf Orlock Examination of Violent Cinema, Volume 1 Vitriol Records
12/7/2018 Revenge Deceiver.Diseased.Miasmic Season Of Mist
12/14/2018 Currents I Let The Devil In SharpTone Records
12/14/2018 Venom Storm the Gates Spinefarm Records
12/21/2018 Great Falls A Sense Of Rest Corpse Flower Records
12/21/2018 Witching Hour ...And Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon Hells Headbangers
12/28/2018 Nekrofilth Worm Ritual Hells Headbangers
12/28/2018 Palisades Erase the Pain Rise Records
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