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Glassjaw - Material Control comments

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fedism   posted 351 days ago
3. This album grew on me. Better than EYWTKAS
fedisM   posted 361 days ago
1. Glassjaw was groundbreaking during class of 2002. You cant sell the same Honda Accord that they released in 2002.

2. Ross Robinson could have probably pulled it off. But hey dropped Ross, its like dropping Steve Jobs from Apple and never hiring him back. Let this be a lesson to all you noobs.
anonymous   posted 3/20/2018 10:48:11 AM
Call your local grocery stores everyone, local stores now sell STD kits. Thank those brave employees who came forward sharing they will not even disclose having a STD prior to f*cking you.
anonymous   posted 3/7/2018 5:01:25 AM
Too much artsy noise for my taste. I bought shira so there's that.
anonymous   posted 2/12/2018 10:12:37 AM
Loved the first two albums and this article is accurate with how I felt about Material Control. An overhyped album that completely lacked what their two previous albums did. I can't help but feel that those saying they don't agree or "this is bad" are just hypnotized fans. I gave the album a number of listens, but nothing stuck. In the end it sounded like a sour GJ attempt that was influenced by Deftones.
anonymous   posted 1/14/2018 10:47:11 AM
saw them with the used, they sounded like fart
anonymous   posted 1/5/2018 5:26:23 AM
"jumps between patched together riffs, uncomfortably shifting around half-baked ideas. The guitars trudge through a cacophonous mess, never quite settling "

LOL this describes how I've always felt about Glassjaw.
anonymous   posted 1/2/2018 4:57:11 PM
I love when people write music reviews, yet they lack the ability to listen.
anonymous   posted 12/29/2017 5:07:08 PM
I'm not much of a fan of this record either. But come on dude did you actually listen. Your critique of "citizen" is laughable.
anonymous   posted 12/29/2017 5:54:00 AM
this is a joke of a review, this site cannot be taken seriously for any music reviews, shocked that was allowed to be posted
anonymous   posted 12/25/2017 9:27:28 PM
Not having Ross Robinson led to the downfall of this album. It all just sounds like the same song and there is no progression over the course of the record.
anonymous   posted 12/21/2017 11:37:55 AM
"Everyone should just skip Glassjaw altogether and listen to Sons of Abraham."

Nah band was shit
Ryaninstereo_   posted 12/21/2017 7:08:16 AM
Pretty terrible review ,guy. You should be embarrassed.
fourthgradecocktease   posted 12/19/2017 12:17:52 PM
Also, post-2005 Deftones? Does Pony not exist in your world or what?
fourthgradecocktease   posted 12/19/2017 12:14:13 PM
I love glassjaw and thought this was going to suck, turned out to be a cool surprise.
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