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Devil You Know - The Beauty of Destruction comments

anonymous   posted 5/4/2014 12:14:12 PM
Very good review,this is just what I expected out of Howard. More of his generic songwriting at work here. The band members are very good,hopefully they improve in the ways this album failed to impress in.
jon   posted 5/3/2014 11:05:02 AM
i illegally dled this album to give it a listen.. total garbage.
as_i_laycrying   posted 5/2/2014 5:38:47 AM
Why does everyone overlook that Ryan wombacher of bleeding through is also in this band.
ChainsawSolly   posted 5/1/2014 9:01:59 PM
Pretentious regard Pretentious regard Pretentious regard
anonymous   posted 4/30/2014 11:48:11 AM
A close minded dumb shit wrote this review obviously
anonymous   posted 4/30/2014 8:52:52 AM
What kind of a pretentious regard wrote this review???