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Gifts From Enola - Gifts From Enola comments

iconFlict_   posted 10/31/2010 10:39:51 PM
Heard these guys back on the The Mylene Sheath 2010 Sampler. Pretty good stuff. Will be checkin' this out.
Jimmy_   posted 10/29/2010 11:00:51 AM
Good EP.
Great band.
ta_   posted 10/5/2010 11:08:18 AM
terrible review
Tim_   posted 9/28/2010 4:58:50 PM
Good band, good dudes.
anaturaldisaster_   posted 9/27/2010 4:54:02 PM
Awful review
coolio_   posted 9/23/2010 10:30:22 PM
these guys are great!
tyrant_   posted 9/23/2010 6:19:29 PM
Gary_   posted 9/23/2010 5:41:43 PM
Gifts From Myanal
Nate Johnson_   posted 9/23/2010 6:46:50 AM
Yeah!! Get someone to sing some shit, you gays!!
HBDad_   posted 9/22/2010 5:10:01 PM
Instrumental metal needs to die! Seriously, get a vocalist or you will always sound like incomplete music!!!
blinding_light_   posted 9/22/2010 4:29:50 PM
good band
benji_   posted 9/22/2010 3:35:07 PM
decibel gave this a 7, so i picked it up..ended up really digging it. good review.
xmusicislifex_   posted 9/22/2010 11:41:23 AM
Decent review but whats with the steady increase of news and reviews that are irrelevant to "metal/hardcore"? I am sure there were many other albums that were over looked. Whatever, decent sound
_   posted 9/22/2010 11:40:46 AM
'the always-expanding genre of heavy, instrumental rock ala Pelican, Mogwai, and Don Caballero'---no one is going to admit that this style has become saturated