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The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal comments

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ANGRY MOB_   posted 9/16/2007 11:25:26 PM
bigego_   posted 9/16/2007 11:19:28 PM
i still like this band. whatever. the songs online sound better than miasma
Wormed_   posted 9/16/2007 10:53:10 PM
no Cory review?

Mike_   posted 9/16/2007 10:36:48 PM
This is a great album.
Nick_   posted 9/16/2007 10:24:20 PM
Yes, there is like an eight second solo there. I must have missed it when I scanned through to double-check. My apologies for the technicality. That still doesn't change how the track sounds.
hotaction_   posted 9/16/2007 10:14:30 PM
did you even listen to miasma..?? this is the same deal. a little bit faster. and im 1:07 into "worship.." and im hearing guitar solo. and speaking of solos what are you talking about?? how much variation do you want? id be weirded out if they started ripping some halen solos. plus i dont think any really goes to bdm for solos. (thats what the europeans are for) ill buy this cd regardless. this review blew big ol' balls.
_   posted 9/16/2007 9:43:42 PM
unhollowed was a lot more metalcore than miasma,

this is a good disc, but i think miasma is their best work.
zero_x_potential_   posted 9/16/2007 9:21:09 PM
Good as ATG may be, founders of metal they are not.
robert_   posted 9/16/2007 9:15:17 PM
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