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Clutch - Blast Tyrant comments

anonymous   posted 9/11/2014 11:20:14 PM
This is by far my favorite clutch album. No matter how much I listen to it I always find myself coming back to blast tyrant.
gfdsgsd_   posted 4/20/2005 4:55:22 PM
Ron_   posted 4/5/2005 1:52:40 PM
This album was just about the most pleasant suprise I've ever had buying music. I can't think of anything that has ever seemed so complete and so damn good before. You talk about a band hitting their stride, well this is it.
Dav_   posted 12/22/2004 3:10:40 PM
I cant say "Clutch do it again" because its the first album by them I heard, but I do know this. Once I come out of rehab clinic for Blast Tyrant addiction (Ive been in there 4 months, offending multiple times every day), I'm building a cathedral for Neil and his gang, made out of my inferior record and cd collection. And thats all of em. "Damaged" will form part of the roof, "13 Songs" the front porch and "Surfer Rosa" will make a comfy pew. Im 32, and I've never had a beyond-doubt favouri
Brian Moran_   posted 11/30/2004 7:58:27 AM
I'm 37 and this may be the best album I have ever heard, let alone own. I am amazed at their ability to wrangle so many different sounds and images into the music. It's like Frank Zappa pouring the diesel blood of Nazareth into a Raging Machine that spits out cherry wine in the end. So drink up, boys and girls! Clutch may well be the torch bearers of Rock n' Roll.
Oneskinneet_   posted 10/18/2004 12:52:17 AM
Clutch: The mechanism to engage in the transfer of power to the machine. E'Nuff Said!
bstiff_   posted 8/6/2004 5:19:09 PM