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Scars Of Tomorrow Rope Tied To The Trigger

01. To Watch You Burn 02. Abandonment (MP3) 03. As We Choke 04. Suffocating Words 05. Will Hell Arise 06. Reflections 07. From My Existence 08. Break The Fall 09. The Face of Fear 10. In Dying Days 11. Design Your Fate
2004 Victory Records
Our score 8


It seems as though many newer hardcore bands are just creating flashes in the pan before disbanding and moving onto other things. It's rare that a band is around long enough to really develop as a band and for their sound to mature. Scars Of Tomorrow have been plugging along for a few years now, playing every nook and cranny Southern California has to offer, and spreading that "leave no venue unplayed" mentality all over the country. It's nice to see a band that understands that it's better to earn your keep than hope to latch onto some fleeting trend or fad. Four solid years of playing shows and hammering out a solid line up has brought us to "Rope Tied To The Trigger," and all the hard work really shines through. Scars Of Tomorrow have been playing metal tinged heavy hardcore since day one, and after a couple of demos and two releases on Thorp Records, they have really come into stride on their Victory debut. Their heavy parts are punishing, and they've also started infusing an atmosphere of melody into their work. I think metal-master Kurt Ballou really helped bring this out of Scars, and it really has made quite the difference. These outbursts of melody are one of the things that sets Scars Of Tomorrow apart from the rest of their less talented peers. Drummer Chris Warner is an exceptional skins man, and his playing definitely helps in making everything in the band gel (even if sometimes his raccoon makeup gets a little out of hand). The bar has definitely been raised though. SOT frontman Mike Milford has really, really come into his own on this record. His scream, much like a fine wine, has gotten better and better with time. Aside from hitting his usual low, he has also worked on a real solid mid ranged scream. This sort of vocal development takes a lot of effort, and when it ends up working in one's favor, it's a big deal. Milford's lyrics deal mostly with personal issues, and they do so without being overly dramatic or cheesy. There is a clear understanding here about how to write songs dealing with the many trials and tribulations of life, all without sounding like a fucking crybaby. The vocal work here is impressive, to say the very least. Bottom Line: Scars of Tomorrow have spent the last four years hard at work, trying to be a great metal hardcore band, and "Rope Tied To The Trigger" is the fruit of all of that labor. Lots of brutal breakdowns intermixed with catchy guitar riffs and eerie melodies. Punishing vocals round everything out, making this one of the better metal hardcore records of the last six months. If anything, this record puts Scars of Tomorrow on the same level as the other big Orange County acts that you all know and love. Get familiar.


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fvckyouyoufvckingfvck_ 5/16/2005 5:06:06 PM

Wow. This one should have been called "All Things Change" and their first one should have been called "Rope Tied To The Trigger Pointed At My Head". Great album. Especially when you compare it to their first. I didn't see this coming from them.

bill_ 12/5/2005 5:36:18 AM

chug chug chug chug

Richard_ 2/3/2009 10:50:09 PM

Too band this band broke up.