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Donnybrook There's No Love For The Insincere

Donnybrook - There's No Love For The Insincere
01. What's a Little Blood
02. Techno-Logic-Kill (MP3)
03. Our Revolt!
04. No Love Here
2003 1917 Records

Reviewed by: Erick Pressman   //   Published: 12/23/2003

Hardcore in 2003 has evolved into many things. Bands have infused elements from a multitude of musical genres, as well as utilized technology both as an instrument and to record with. In certain situations, it has done wonders and broke new ground. Other times it makes an already bad band even worse. However, there is a movement of bands and people in hardcore that are keeping things how it's always been, and one of the bands at the forefront of that movement is Los Angeles' Donnybrook. Hailing from a region of the country where the bigger acts are all doing their best to reach beyond the bounds of traditional hardcore, Donnybrook have taken the scene by storm, and have created quite a stir and gained a rabid following, and they haven't even been around a year.

"There's No Love For The Insincere" is a smashing introduction to the band. Donnybrook offer up four songs that accentuate exactly what this band is all about, and showcases what they're good at. Donnybrook use all the elements of traditional hardcore without relying too heavily on any specific element. They're fast, then they're heavy, and then they throw in a good mid tempo part. They don't bombard you with heavy breakdown after heavy breakdown, nor do they throw together two or three blazing fast parts and call it a song. Donnybrook provide something for everyone. If you like to kickbox, there's mosh parts for all. More of a old school/two stepping maybe They got that too. You like sing alongs The Brook have sing alongs a plenty.

A unique thing about Donnybrook is that they have two frontmen. Dre Stewart, former Hurricanrana frontman, has a powerful yell reminiscent at times of Scott Vogel (Terror, Buried Alive). The other frontman, Bo Thomson, has a more traditional hardcore sounding voice. At times, his vocals remind me of Jesse Standhard (Right Brigade) or Freddy Kriezen (Madball). Lyrically, Donnybrook deal with what they know best and care about the most: hardcore. "What's a Little Blood" pays homage to everyone's favorite past time, dancing. "Techno-Logic-Kill" addresses the problem of messageboard shit talking. "Our Revolt!" and "No Love Here" address problems brought on by the commercialization of the term hardcore. Perhaps the lyrical highlight of the entire EP comes from "No Love Here" when both Dre and Bo sing "We will reduce your autumns into ashes, we will avenge your disrespect sevenfold, and for all that shit you brew within your poisoned well we'll leave your worthless bodies out in the cold cause there's no love here." That's fucking classic if you ask me.

Bottom Line: "There's No Love For The Insincere" is a phenomenal debut for a number of reasons. The first being is that it's a great hardcore EP. It's hardcore in its purest, unadulterated form. The second is that Donnybrook is going to be one of many Los Angeles and Orange County bands releasing records this year that are going to shatter the stereotype that the rest of the country has about Southern California hardcore. It's not all haircuts and metal down here. Donnybrook is going to make sure that the rest of the country understands that.

anonymous   posted 1/24/2006 6:06:21 PM
they kick soo much asss live hXc !!!!!
Jonathan_   posted 6/16/2005 2:44:04 PM
killer guitars great sound!!
justin_   posted 4/19/2005 11:55:50 AM
great EP. i dig this band a lot. though i am going to have to point out that having two vocalists is definately not unique by any stretch of the imagination.