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Beneath The Ashes Nailed To Your Ruins

Beneath The Ashes - Nailed To Your Ruins
1. Vae Victis
2. Thank Heavens When Someone is Crazy Enough to Give Me a Daisy
3. The Stars That Rose When I Set Out for You (MP3)
4. Eastern Kansas Love Song
5. Look in Their Eyes Mom, You’ll See Me
6. Bled
7. Open Eyes
8. No Fortress, No Fire, No Flame
9. The Eleventh Hour
2003 State Of Grace

Reviewed by: Rob McFeters   //   Published: 12/18/2003

When I was in high school, the crossing of metal and hardcore was just beginning to get really popular. Bands like Unbroken, Integrity, and Earth Crisis had me thinking there was something huge happening. I guess on some level it was huge, because the word “metalcore” seems to be an acceptable term to use now. On another level, I feel like the crossing of metal and hardcore has lost so much of the excitement that it once had. Beneath the Ashes is a good example of the fire going out in this genre, and at the same time they are talented enough to do so much more than their latest release, “Nailed to Your Ruins.”

Beneath the Ashes play metal/hardcore that is similar to a band like It Dies Today, or even Dead to Fall. BTA takes a good bit of influence from the Gothenburg sound, and, like the aforementioned bands, injects big breakdowns amidst the metal. And while these guys definitely don’t lack any talent, they aren’t overly abundant in the originality department.

There are two aspects to this record that I really like, that keep it slightly better than sheer boredom. The guitar-work throughout the entire record is fairly interesting. There are some noisy, discordant riffs that are sporadically thrown in the mix. These parts brought my attention back from almost being completely lost. I also enjoy the clean tones of the melodic riffs. It’s slightly different from other bands I’ve heard, and almost has an indie rock sound.

The other aspect I enjoy is how this record flows. Even though I find most of these songs to be very mediocre, I don’t feel this record is one big song. From start to finish, “Nailed to Your Ruins” is a dynamic listen, with the main heaviness of the songs shaken up with melodic interludes.

The production of “Nailed to Your Ruins” is excellent, with no one sound overpowering another. I really like the way the drums were mixed, because they don’t sound too triggered or compressed.

The vocals on this record get the job done but are nothing special. There is the same screaming throughout the record, which is sometimes accompanied by some distortion effects or some spoken lines. Lyrically, Beneath the Ashes is as bad as junior high poetry. Reading the lyrics gave me the impression that the writer just tried to find phrases that came across as dark or overly ambiguous.

Bottom Line: Beneath the Ashes has released a solid record, but brings absolutely nothing new or original to the listener. These guys sound talented, so I hope they can come into more of their own sound, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing future material. This record isn’t horrible; it’s just so mediocre that I can’t imagine how anyone would pick these guys out of the hundreds of other “metalcore” bands.

fvckyouyoufvckingfvck_   posted 5/17/2007 9:53:05 PM
beneath the massacre>>>>>>>>
hxcobd_   posted 3/30/2005 2:07:20 AM
Should be a lot higher than a 5.