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There Were Wires Somnambulists

1. New Doom 2. His Talk, Her Teeth 3. Walking 4. Get Cryptic 5. Waking 6. Black Magic Rabbit 7. Gasp
2003 Iodine Recordings
Our score 7

by Cory

I'm not really sure what to make of this record. There Were Wires put out a record last year that convinced me there was hope for the concept of "metal-core," but a lot of the things I loved about that record aren't really going on here. The evolution of bands seems to be happening so rapidly these days that I'm having trouble keeping up with it. I still haven't quite figured out what kind of sound they are moving towards, but it sounds like the creative process of "Somnambulists" probably involved getting really high and listening to the Deftones and Jane's Addiction. They seem genuinely interested in taking a step forward on this record, which is always a plus in my book, but the question is: What happens when they get there First things first. I am generally pleased (although suspicious) when I can pop in a seven-song EP and have it clock in at around thirty minutes. A lot of hardcore/metal/grind bands have definitely forgotten that albums are generally more than twenty minutes long. Well, to my dismay, this length was merely a tease. After taking out the two nearly-identical instrumentals and two-thirds of a sprawling ten minute track, there is about twelve to fifteen minutes of quality music present on this disc, which certainly fits the description EP. First up is "New Doom," a fun (albeit a bit too familiar) foray into the world of metal and hardcore goodness. The problem is that in this song, like almost every other track on this EP, the band decides to insert a relatively un-inspired musical interlude. I can't even chalk this one up to my hatred of instrumentals on metal albums, because these aren't traditional "pretty" parts. All the instrumentals are slow and relatively loud. It really just feels like I should be listening to certain parts on repeat. "His Talk, Her Teeth" is definitely the stand-out track on this EP. It mixes up different tempos and parts, feels coherent and rocks hard. If it wasn't for this track, I wouldn't be so enthusiastic about this EP as a whole, but its quality almost makes up for the shortcomings in other tracks. Fast, catchy and brutal, this track's simplistic opening riff gets stuck in your head. As a matter of fact, the rest of the song's riffs are pretty good too. The occassionally interesting "Getcryptic" has enough cool parts to keep me listening to the filler in between. "Black Magic Rabbit" starts off feeling like another tired instrumental, but eventually builds to quite a climax with some excellent screaming. I know it's been done, but when a song ends with no music and just a scream, it's just cool. "Gasp," a self-indulgent ten minute track that finally reaches a strong point four and a half minutes in, ends the EP. Production-wise, this record is very strong and all the performances are dead on. The vocals sound a bit different, but not enough to throw me off. Everything here is very professional, on par with most releases from larger hardcore labels. This is the kind of EP that really should get the attention of the bigger labels (Trustkill, Ferret, Etc.) if they weren't already interested. Bottom Line: Although it seems like this review was at times negative, I think we should all keep in mind that it is an EP. Generally, I look for about twelve minutes of quality stuff in an EP and There Were Wires definitely produces that much. I really just look at the rest of it as worth listening to, but ultimately unnecessary. If you haven't checked out their first release, I wouldn't recommend this as your introduction to the band, but for a fan thirsty for more, this EP is definitely worth picking up. It's a definite step in a growth process. "Somnambulists" should help solidify what most people who heard their last record already knew: There Were Wires is a band to keep your eyes on.


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