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Hoods Pray For Death

01. John and Kitty 02. Bastard 03. I Hate You 04. By My Side 05. Days in Hades 06. I Own You 07. E Pugne Limpio 08. Pray for Death 09. 5455 10. Lies 11. Alkali Flats 12. On the Way to San Francisco 13. Heroin Sick 14. Another Suicide
2003 Victory Records
Our score 6


“Pray for Death” is the newest release from Sacrameto’s Hoods. This type of record is more what I would have expected Victory to release back in 1995. It seems that with their popular emo and rock roster, they would no longer be interested in real hardcore. I’m happy to say that “Pray for Death” (besides Darkest Hour’s “Hidden Hands . . . ”) is one of the better things I’ve heard from this label in a while. If you are familiar with Hoods, then I’m sure you can peg down exactly how this album sounds. If, for some reason you have never heard Hoods, then you should know they have been playing tough, heavy hardcore for years. For being from the West Coast, they have a distinctly New York sound, and, in the tradition of Cro-Mags, they mix in some metal here and there. This is by far the best sounding Hoods record I’ve heard. The production is absolutely crushing, yet clear as day. This sound goes a long way in bringing out some of the different things that these guys are trying to do. While I’m usually not a fan of tough-guy hardcore, I am able to find some traditional sounds that are quite catchy. There is nothing new being done here, but I will say that Hoods have played hardcore for a long time and they have it down to a science.There are tons of old-school as well as modern-sounding breakdowns, and fast paced riffs that should surely incite random circle pits.There are some really catchy songs on here that remind me of the heyday of Sick of It All.I get the feeling that Hoods spent more time on how these particular songs came out sounding, because there is more diversity than I remember on their previous releases. For example, the clean guitars sound great and the small intros, that a few songs have, are very well written. My biggest complaint is the mixing of the metal influences, because it sounds like Hoods just can’t quite mix hardcore and metal well. The two sounds seem to stand next to each other, rather then meshing together. The more deep (almost death metal) vocals are the only time it works better, and I really dig that sound. Lyrically, Hoods haven’t changed much. With so many songs about being really pissed off and being betrayed, I have to wonder what has made these guys mad for the past 10 years. Bottom Line: If have always like Hoods, then I think you will love this album.I believe this could be their best record to date. However, if you are not a fan of really tough-guy hardcore, you will probably want to stay clear of this band. This is a fairly predictable record, but it is good heavy hardcore. With so many new hardcore bands forming today, I think many should take a lesson from Hoods, because these guys have been doing it forever, and keep doing it better.


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Wrist Meet Razor_ 9/3/2008 6:37:56 PM

Tough Guy Penis Party And A Gym Shorts Holocaust. Why not listen to the red chord??? Theyre good and this is not. See the difference?

Raised Fist_ 12/11/2009 3:57:27 AM

Hoods writes some brutal honest shit and uses hardcore to deliver it