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xDisciplex A.D. The Revelation

xDisciplex A.D. - The Revelation
01. New Defiance
02. Swordpath
03. The Mission
04. Lick Your Wounds
05. Die Humanity
06. Sons of Liberty
07. Break the Curse
08. God Save Me
09. New Life
10. Total Mobilization for Total War
11. The Revelation
2003 Triple Crown Records

Reviewed by: Rob McFeters   //   Published: 5/23/2003

Erie, PA's xDisciplex A.D. are back with their second record for Triple Crown records. "The Revelation" is a departure from their previous sound, and, yet, it is also a return to an even earlier sound. Anyone who has kept up with this band will know that xDisciplex A.D. seems to change with every release.

xDisciplex's first record for Triple Crown, with its more traditional hardcore sound, was a change from their metal/mosh sounds from previous recordings. Not that “Heaven and Hell” didn’t have its brutal moments, but, with “The Revelation,” xDisciplex has returned to the sound they captured on 1998's “Imitation of Love.”

This time around xDisciplex has been reduced to a four-piece, with all guitar duties being handled by Dave Quiggle. As with every xDisciplex release, the vocal tones have changed from the previous record. Dan Quiggle’s vocals on “The Revelation” have a higher tone, and are quite powerful. He also alternates between a throaty scream and clean, yet authoritative, yell. The overall production is also very strong and clear. At times the drum and guitar tones remind me of the sound Earth Crisis captured on “Breed the Killers,” in having a very metal undertone.

I can’t give xDisciplex much credit for variety on this particular record, but, perhaps they found a formula on this record and rolled with it. Every song on “The Revelation” shows a rekindled, metallic, aggression that initially interested me in this band.Being very quick-paced and packed with pit-friendly breakdowns, this album doesn’t waste any time in going in for the kill, but also suffers from becoming a bit redundant.I have a hard time distinguishing between songs, and find them to be quite predictable.However, the final and title track shows a bit more creativity, and is possibly the most brutal song on the record.

Bottom Line: I think xDisciplex would benefit from exploring some new ways of putting a song together, because I think Hatebreed and Throwdown are exhausting all the basic breakdowns for the rest of the world. With open-chord breakdowns around every corner, I imagine this album would be a much more exciting live experience. Any longtime fan of xDisciplex should be able to get into this record, but those looking for something new and fresh should look elsewhere.

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