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Somehow Hollow Busted Wings And Rusted Halos

01. Kamloops 02. How Winter Killed Our Souls 03. Darkest Day 04. Halfway Gone 05. Walking Clothed Foot 06. A Lesson In Longing 07. Broken Chords 08. Introduction To A Tragic Dream 09. Never Let You Go 10. The Witch Of Clean Cedar Gate 11. Busted Stereos And Myself
2003 Victory Records
Our score 4


Victory Records has a reputation of keeping things in the family. Earth Crisis breaks up. Former singer Karl Buechner assembles the new band Freya. It signs to Victory. Grade breaks up. Guitarist/vocalist Brad Casarin joins Somehow Hollow. Somehow Hollows signs to Victory. While I’m salivating over Freya, Somehow Hollow leaves a bit more to be desired. Right now, the pop-punk market is saturated and kids with ten bucks in their pockets (from working part-time at McDonalds, the movies or the mall) don’t have a bottomless cash reserve to pick up every emo-flecked, pop-punk record on the shelves. What separates "Busted Wings And Rusted Halos" from the rest of the pack It’s really hard to tell. The album doesn’t blow chunks, but nor does it blow its brethren out of the water. It’s biggest problem is that it suffers from a lack of a standout identity. "Busted Wings And Rusted Halos" could be the work of any number of bands on the Warped Tour. "Busted Wings And Rusted Halos" isn’t Grade, Part II either. While the defunct Canadian emo-hardcore band could barely be contained within any genre parameters, Somehow Hollow doesn’t quite rip its heart out with dirt-encrusted fingernails and slap it on its sleeve the way Grade’s Kyle Bishop did so endearingly. I don’t doubt the sincerity of Somehow Hollow, but it doesn’t rage with the same intensity as Grade, lyrically or musically. “A Lesson In Longing” and “Kamloop” have similar, catchy grooves, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve heard this before. Bottom Line: Canada has produced a lot of crappy, major label rock. I won’t name names, to protect the guilty. I’ll take Somehow Hollow over Our Lady Peace any day of the week, but when it comes to emo/pop-punk, there are so many bands out there to choose from that Somehow Hollow would be hard pressed to make the cut. Unless, of course, you’re a hormonal teenage boy and the chick on the cover makes you lick your lips with desire.


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