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Converge Unloved And Weeded Out

1. Downpour 2. Flowers And Razorwire 3. Tremor 4. Home Song 5. For You 6. Jacob's Ladder 7. Undo 8. Towing Jehovah (demo) 9. The High Cost Of Playing God (demo) 10. When Forever Comes Crashing (demo) 11. The Year Of The Swine (demo) 12. Letterbomb (demo) 13. Locust Reign (live) 14. This Is Mine (live)
2003 Deathwish Inc.
Our score 7


There is no doubt that Converge kill shit. Be it themselves, musically or just plain you. You cannot deny the viciousness of this Boston-based hardcore phenom. They make it too hard to avoid. Converge are in your face and they love making your world a living hell. So crank the speakers to the good ole’ jukebox, bust out your IBC root beer and fuck yourself, because if you don’t, Converge will. "Unloved and Weeded Out" is a collection of fourteen rare, out of print, and highly sought-after early tracks from the band. Each song was remixed and remastered by Kurt Ballou at God City studios. The album opener, "Downpour," is by far and away the shining moment of this record. The sheer brutality and crushing chords make this an instant classic, reminiscent of such prime cuts as “Locust Reign.” The breakdown within this mass of destructive chaos is mighty tasty as well. The last six early songs aren’t my cup of tea, but I still manage to listen through them when I get the chance. “Jacob’s Ladder” sounds like the beginning of a suicide attempt, and I wonder if something terrible has happened with this song playing in the background. The next step on your road to oblivion is five demos of "When Forever Come Crashing"-era mayhem. This is an oddity in itself. I actually 100% believe that these demo versions of the five songs recorded by Kurt Ballou in his parents’ basement sound light years better than what Steve Austin captured on the actual released album for Equal Vision. I applaud the band for making these long lost tapes available to expose the failure that Austin perpetuated. Austin seems like a standout character, but he just didn’t cut it behind the production of the origial album. I love the demo tracks, but I am personally not into live recordings, so I feel the review should stop here before I put myself any further in the grave I tend to dig. For those needing more than a simple farewell note, the last two songs are live versions of “Locust Reign” and “This is Mine.” Finally, the intense packaging makes this release not only a sight for sore eyes, but a opus to ring in the end of the planet with. Bottom Line: Little need be said about this hardcore powerhouse. This is not the best Converge release, but not nearly the worst. It’s a great little ditty to add to the pile of records this band has given us in the eleven years. It’s been a long hard road, but this band kills it and they deserve all the accolades they have coming to them. It doesn’t matter what you think, because Converge wouldn’t give a shit anyways. That’s why this band rules. They hate you! How do you feel about that Your favorite band actually hates you. It’s intense and exhilarating all in the same moment. Jake is a fucking lunatic live and I look forward to seeing these guys again soon. I rest my case.


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lunchbox_ 12/20/2004 5:04:18 PM

just a 7?

Poop_ 5/11/2006 11:06:28 PM

Even as much as I love Today Is The Day, I agree that Steve royally f*cked up on the original production of "Forever." The demos sound ten times better. The live songs are great, but this album is worth it's cost for "Downpour" alone.

pluto_ 12/7/2006 5:30:47 AM

"Converge Kill Shit" is the best way to open any review, f*cking classic. Best way to describe them too. but 7/10 is bullshit, should be 10/10 as they can do no wrong.

friends_ 7/10/2007 1:34:30 PM

hi sifl! having fun reading old reviews?

KILL YOURSELF_ 4/28/2008 11:20:55 PM

No ones f*ckin with this album, its converge's best and most grizzly. My personal favorite. I'd commit suciide to a number of these amazing tracks