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The Young And The Useless The Young And The Useless

1. I would like to think that I am still immature 2. give me a break and a tall glass of texas tea 3. this hole is only getting bigger 4. breaking, one beat at a time 5. on the way to tetnus 6. *anyway*
2003 Thorp Records
Our score 6


One of the things that I love most, about hardcore music, is that there is always room to experiment musically.While it's next to impossible to create something wholly original, there seem to be endless, creative ways for bands to mix their influences. The Young And The Useless not only have diverse influences, but, ironically, on this record it seems to hold them back. This six-song, self-titled EP is the latest release from Florida's The Young And The Useless.Having not been moved dramatically either way by their last release, "A smile is no good for me," I was definitely interested in checking out this new EP to see if I would be able to find something I really liked. I was hoping that TYATU were going to take that aggressive hardcore sound and take it to the next level.However, this is not entirely the case. Instead of the fast paced, hardcore sound that had me initially interested in this band, I discovered that they have now opted for a more melodic, and often more mellow, sound. The opening track, "I would like to think I am still immature," is a powerful, melodic hardcore song, which reminds me of Evergreen Terrace.After this track, TYATU take a pretty dramatic shift, and adopt a heavily Grade-influenced sound for the next three tracks. There is dominant, warm, melodic guitar sound, and lots of catchy hooks.At times, there is almost a pop-punk sensibility going on.The screamed vocals are broken up every now and then by some group back-up vocals in addition to some really off-key singing.These three songs have some very catchy parts, but as soon as I thought something great was building up, the songs fall flat.The fifth track, "On the way to tetnus", definitely surprised me a bit.Instead of opening with the usual screaming vocals, there is singing that comes off as a weak imitation of Cedric from At The Drive In.This song has a calm, yet up-beat rock feel to it, but, when, the distorted guitars and screaming kick in, it just doesn't seem to fit.Both different styles sound decent, but don't seem to mix well together.It makes for a very jarring listen. The last song is an atrocious cover of Journey's "Any Way You Want It", which could have been left off the record completely, in my opinion. I think the novelty of covering songs like that has worn off. The production of this record is clean and powerful, which is a plus for TYATU, so that some of the more subtle parts are brought out.The layout is completely boring and weak, but maybe that's what they were going for.I guess it's hard to follow up when their last record had artwork by Derek Hess! Bottom Line: This EP is solid, and with this more melodic sound, could very well gain The Young And The Useless some new fans.However, I feel like it is a lukewarm follow-up to "A smile is no good for me".I think TYATU tried to cram too many of their influences into this record, which makes them sound inconsistent.If they could truly fuse all of these influences into their own sound, they could become something great.

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anonymous 10/20/2013 12:42:45 AM

I would like to hear them,it was history of Beastie Boys,where could I get it?