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Remembering Never She Looks So Good In Red

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It will come as much surprise to most people that have ever heard of this band, just as it came as a surprise to myself... but I actually like this album. Despite the overwhelmingly obvious From Autumn to Ashes and Poison the Well influences, or as some would say "rip-offs", Remembering Never is not without their own flare and uniqueness. No one would be totally wrong for making these assumptions, however Remembering Never should not be so easily swept aside without given a chance. I originally bought the first album "Suffocates My Words To You" (One Day Savior Records) more or less just to check it out.A friend of mine had told me that it was an "ok" CD and so just out of curiosity, I bought the CD and actually quite enjoyed it, however I did not find it too memorable and I rarely ever listened to it. For those of you that have heard the first EP, this album is a much welcome shocker. When I initially put on the first song, I immediately stopped it and put in their first album just to compare. I thought I had gotten the wrong CD, I was so impressed with the transformation the band had undergone. This was probably mostly due to a change in vocalists and a newly acquired growl compared to the raging scream from the first CD. Another part of the vocals that improved from the first release were the scattered singing parts, they seem to be placed within the tracks much better than the first album. One of the things that bothered me about the first CD was that the singing parts seemed to show up in odd places, and it kind of takes the listener off-guard. Another thing I noticed that made this recording much thicker than the last was the obviously enhanced musicianship of the band in general. Each instrument blends and forms a virtually flawless sound. I'm sure most people would say that this album has one too many acoustic parts, and I would have to say I'd agree with them at least a little... I'm very much into acoustic parts in a song, but unfortunately, I would have to say that RN maybe went a little too overboard with the acoustics on this one. My favorite part of the CD by far is the re-recording of "Meadows" from the first CD, this was my favorite song on "Suffocates..." and coincidentally is my favorite song on this CD as well. Bottom Line: "She Looks so Good in Red" is a very enjoyable album. Although I believe that some of you may find it all to typical of other bands playing a similar style, I do urge anyone that is into bands like PTW or FATA to give Remembering Never a listen. Do not let your initial assumptions be limited to mere "PTW rip-offs" though, because these guys have their own thing going on.


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anonymous 1/10/2006 5:48:23 PM

this is a very good cd .... we need some more music like this .... remembering never gots to make another cd like this .... not like this new crap there coming out with

MrWong_ 1/14/2006 7:16:28 AM

Despite how shit this band is now, this CD was enjoyable.