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200 Stab Wounds Manual Manic Procedures

Manual Manic Procedures
1. Hands of Eternity 2. Gross Abuse 3. Manual Manic Procedures 4. Release the Stench 5. Led to the Chamber / Liquified 6. Flesh from Within 7. Defiled Gestation 8. Ride the Flatline 9. Parricide
2024 Metal Blade Records
Our score 6

by Jake

One of my favorite narratives to follow is when a band finds an audience very quickly by virtue of not only creating great music but also finding the best partners to help them get their music into the ears of prospective fans. 200 Stab Wounds did just this back in 2020 with their debut EP Piles of Festering Decomposition through one of the premiere purveyors of underground metal, Maggot Stomp. It didn’t take long for this band to get some immediate traction courtesy of the aforementioned label and its fanbase of ravenous metalheads and after one more LP with Maggot Stomp, Metal Blade came a calling. Now we’re here with their first LP with Metal Blade, Manual Manic Procedures. While I’m in no place to objectively determine the level of hype around a project or band, this one seems to have a full head of steam going into that release date. As someone who has enjoyed their output so far, I’ve been excited to see how the band has adapted, grown, and improved, so let’s see what’s up with this new album.

200 Stab Wounds

a certain expectation of intensity, brutality, and aggression. Thankfully, all of these elements are present on Manual Manic Procedures, but maybe not in the way that I expected and I think the very first track is a bold reminder that things have changed within the last 4 years. The album opener, “Hands of Eternity” and perhaps instead of creating a separate intro track, 200 Stab Wounds decided to incorporate a tone-setting within that first track, as it takes about two and a half minutes of this song's duration to get to the vocals. If this was the motivation I’m totally here for it. Once the song gets going, there are tons of little twists and changes along the way on almost every front with each groove or riff sticking around for only a few moments before it cascades into the next flurry of notes.

The first half of this album flies by in a jiffy. “Gross Abuse” flows very easily into the title track which probably takes a little long to get going (near one minute before the vocals arrive) and from there “Release the Stench” does a good job of getting us to the halfway mark of the record. The flow here is great and it’s clear that they know that they need to write songs that will enhance their live shows since they’re almost constantly touring. But at times this first half feels like a lot of instrumental riffing and grooving with vocals feeling a bit like a secondary or tertiary concern. I’m not sure that this works. At times this first half felt a bit hollow to my ear and while the instrumentation is rad and I love all of them riffs, I think a little more balance would have served them well. The turning point in the album is the two-part “Led to the Chamber / Liquified” which is a bona fide instrumental track that I can’t help but feel is a bit of a nod to the classic Cannibal Corpse song from Gallery of Suicide, “From Skin to Liquid”. It’s a banger.

At this point it’s time to reflect on why I like 200 Stab Wounds in the first place. The pace of their first releases and the pure beefiness of their hardcore influenced death metal almost put them in a category where they didn’t need to be cute or clever. They simply just used more brute force than anyone else. It seems that on Manual Manic Procedures that more thought has gone into the structures of the songs and they have reached into their thrash metal bag and thrown in a few bits from there as well. I applaud the approach. But rather than getting an album that sounds like 200 Stab Wounds wasting no time in reaching peak savagery, there’s more premeditation. This is where I think the album falters. “Defiled Gestation” has some killer riffs and great leads but waiting over two minutes (again) for the vocals to show up keeps that balance tipped in favor of the instrumental identity of this album. Again, this could be the point of what they’re doing here but my opinion is that it leaves a lot on the table before wrapping up with what could be the best song on the album, “Parricide.”

Bottom Line: This is a good album. I think it could have been improved with a little more urgency across its entirety as the album kept me on the edge of my seat multiple times wondering if this song was instrumental, an interlude, or if I’d finally get to hear Bulh belt on the mic. The love letters to classic metal acts like Slayer and Cannibal Corpse are great and don’t really cloud the band’s identity too much, an identity that seems to be undergoing a transformation. Despite my issues with this album pacing and curious song structures I love some of the riffs and I know that seeing this songs played live would be an absolute blast. Manual Manic Procedures feels like an advertisement to see 200 Stab Wounds on tour and there’s nothing wrong with that.



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Zortslob 28 days ago

Would have received a 9 with a pro Palestine song

easyhateoven 28 days ago

or a minority member

anonymous 28 days ago

Lambgoat commenters take L's like their brother named Mario

anonymous 28 days ago

^perhaps the single most autistic "burn" I've seen on here. Chrischan levels of bad.

anonymous 27 days ago

So what you're saying is that Zulu is way better.

anonymous 27 days ago

Are these the guys that play Magic the Gathering in the pit? Or is that another Maggot Stomp band?

anonymous 27 days ago

Guest vocals from Code Orange? Immedieate score of 1.

anonymous 27 days ago

Ever look at a bands picture and think " I could kick the shit out of all of them at the same time?". Boring re-hashed DM for kids that dont know how to google bands who did it better in the 90's.

anonymous 27 days ago

band sucks but poster above me is 100% super fat and fights with a limp wrist

anonymous 26 days ago

Saw an interview where the singer claimed he'd never heard of fear factory cuz he only listens to death metal blah blah blah. Same with the goof from sanguisugabogg with the giant korn tattoo. Youre trying too hard dudes. Your music sucks no matter who your influences are

Zortslob 26 days ago

Album cover looks like Biden at the debate last night

anonymous 26 days ago

GOO hundred stab wounds

anonymous 26 days ago

Either way, we're ending up with a President who wears depends and shits themselves. God bless America.

anonymous 26 days ago

The lack of vocals really kills the flow of this album. It's almost like they don't even want to sing on this. It's just a jumbled mess of weird song structures. Not terrible but not great. Definitely not buying this.

anonymous 26 days ago

When bands started palm muting everything through blasts and breakdowns (deathcore) they got relentlessly shit on. This is exactly that

easyhateoven 25 days ago

anonymous 1 day ago Same with the goof from sanguisugabogg with the giant korn tattoo. lol

anonymous 24 days ago

This album deserves better than a 6

anonymous 24 days ago

No it doesn't. 😁^

anonymous 23 days ago

At least Jami isn't doing butt rock vocals on this album

anonymous 22 days ago

I've been waiting for one of these bags to get sacrificed and I'm glad it was them. Anyone that likes one of these bands is going to feel like changing their identity in 3 years

anonymous 17 days ago

thoroughly disappointed in this album. loved slave to the scalpel. lack of vocals is definitely some choice for sure. still excited for their future output.

anonymous 17 days ago

anonymous 5 days ago I've been waiting for one of these bags to get sacrificed and I'm glad it was them. Anyone that likes one of these bands is going to feel like changing their identity in 3 years the whole hardcore kids doing death metal is definitely gonna last. too much fart sniffing and elitism in that world. reminds me of bridge 9 back in the day.

anonymous 15 days ago

Yeah one of these queers was in homewrecker aka diet trap them number 766665999

anonymous 12 days ago

Album is insane; this review is a najor fail.