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Six Feet Under Killing For Revenge

Killing For Revenge
1. Know-Nothing Ingrate 2. Accomplice to Evil Deeds 3. Ascension 4. When the Moon Goes Down in Blood 5. Hostility Against Mankind 6. Compulsive 7. Fit of Carnage 8. Neanderthal 9. Judgement Day 10. Bestial Savagery 11. Mass Casualty Murdercide 12. Spoils of War 13. Hair of the Dog (Nazareth cover)
2024 Metal Blade Records
Our score 4

by Jake

Aside from being a founding member of Cannibal Corpse and his spicy online persona, Chris Barnes is the founder and sole original member of Six Feet Under. The man is a lightning rod and I don’t think it’s unfair to say that the way he engages on social media has helped keep SFU in the metal consciousness a lot longer than many of us thought it would. It's been four years since the unilaterally panned Nightmares of the Decomposed released and this near-four year gap is a little out of the ordinary for them, they tend to be on a cadence of a new album every couple of years. Why this long of a delay? Maybe Barnes wished to regroup (literally and figuratively) a little bit and give this project a little time before jumping right back into another record.

After hearing the first few preview tracks from Killing For Revenge, I was frankly surprised at what I was hearing. Independently, the songs are solid and when contrasted to the previous album, it seems to me that the approach as a whole has been retooled while still indelibly Six Feet Under. While the lyrical content of “Know-Nothing Ingrate” is a bit adolescent (read: a lot adolescent), the vocal annunciation is a bit improved and this track has plenty of oomph. This is the song that kicks off Killing For Revenge and well yeah, the tone here is exactly what you’d expect from a Six Feet Under album named thus. What follows, however, is a genuine mixed bag.

“When the Moon Goes Down in Blood” slows the pace down with a nice mid-tempo canter and the song’s construction is nimble and solid. Immediately after, however, “Hostility Against Mankind” feels way different in tone with sludgy moments, a jazzy breakdown, a hard/blues rock breakdown, and the vocals tend to weave in and out of time with the instrumentation. While having some variety within an album is commendable, Killing For Revenge seems more like an anthology of stories by different authors than a single volume. Speaking of volume, this is a girthy album that clocks in at nearly forty five minutes. Perhaps this is partly due to having more material available since it has been a few years since their last release but forty five minutes of Six Feet Under, at least in this incarnation, is too many minutes.

Where this record shines is when it leans into the thrasher side of death metal, “Fit of Carnage”, Ascension”, and “Mass Casualty Murdercide” (what is murdercide though?) are all strong tracks that keep the pace high and if there are flaws in the production or composition, they’d hardly be noticeable at this pace. The blues rock moments such as the ones on “Neanderthal” and the Nazareth cover “Hair of the Dog” just feel wildly out of place when compared to the energy that the rest of the album gives off.  

While I didn’t expect to listen to the best metal album of the year when I fired up Killing for Revenge, I had hoped that the time off had helped refine the vision of the band. That simply doesn’t seem to have been the case here. That being said there are some improvements over their last outing but it doesn’t seem like Six Feet Under are climbing out of that hole just yet.

Bottom Line: Killing for Revenge was a good opportunity for Six Feet Under to come out swinging and in some regards, they did. The acerbic-bordering-on-immature lyrics, the odd production shortcomings, the jarring genre juxtapositions are all compounded by this album being about fifteen minutes too long. If you’re looking for a gruff-and-grumpy metal record that feels more like a playlist, then feel free to throw this on as there are moments that can get your head banging. Sadly this isn’t quite the comeback that Six Feet Under needed but hey, it’s a start. 


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anonymous 19 days ago

Six Feet Under deez nutz haha gottem Seriously though, who listens to this bullshit if you've got actually good death metal at your disposal every f*cking release day?

EveryTimeHeDies 19 days ago

Photo up there looking like the Trump and Giuliani of death metal loll

anonymous 19 days ago

Considering the shit you all rate as an 8 or 9, I find it hard to believe this is a 4. Six Feet Under certainly aren't great - but a 4? No.

anonymous 19 days ago

Do better numtard. This review reads way hugher than a f*ckin 4.

Zortslob 19 days ago

Zulu 3:16 just whooped your ass

anonymous 19 days ago

Even if you double the score it's still not Zulu level shit son!

anonymous 19 days ago

4 is being generous for any album with those awful cricket screams he does all the time

anonymous 18 days ago

The album may be a 4, but your review is -400

lake_flaccid 18 days ago

Whats even the point of reviewing this

anonymous 16 days ago

Six Feet Under Killing for Revenge je naprosto boží vy sráči!!!

anonymous 16 days ago

Think the album is pretty awesome thrashy OSDM. The musicianship and songwriting is killer and Barnes sounds half decent in a rotted zombie kinda way. 7/10.

anonymous 15 days ago

Anyone who says this deserves higher than a 4 clearly doesn't have higher than a 4th grade education.

anonymous 15 days ago

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anonymous 14 days ago

The best album of 2024, death metal at it's finest

anonymous 12 days ago

anonymous 1 day ago The best album of 2024, death metal at it's finest ^^^ Clearly you haven't listened to any other album this year, or any other death metal album in existence.

anonymous 10 days ago

At least this album isn't super fake like most modern death metal. Yeah it's kinda whack but it's played by humans, not a MacBook

anonymous 9 days ago