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Ingested The Tide of Death and Fractured Dreams

The Tide of Death and Fractured Dreams
1. Paragon of Purity 2. Endless Machine 3. Where No Light Shines 4. Expect to Fail 5. Starve the Fire 6. Numinous 7. In Nothingness 8. Pantheon 9. Kingdoms of Sand 10. A Path Once Lost
2024 Metal Blade Records
Our score 7


Can deathcore be good? Yes, of course - Fit For An Autopsy’s “Hydra” exists. Ingested also believe good deathcore exists and tries their damnedest to create some of it while anchoring it in some straight-up death metal and licks of slam. Do they succeed? Yeah, actually.

You’ll have to excuse my implied incredulity in the last paragraph because I’ve heard enough deathcore and metalcore in two decades to know that, generally speaking, it’s not really for me. It chugs, it breakdowns, it’s got more BREE than an artisan cheese store. It’s wack and ignorant to write off a whole genre though, so I persist - I try out new stuff, I investigate things that come my way, and in the case of The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams, I’m glad I did because there’s more to it than that.

This UK group has a couple things down that many other bands don’t: writing and, more abstractly, attitude. I don’t get the sense that Ingested are trying to be like anyone else when it comes to the core of their music. Their aesthetics may ring true among deathcore and slam stalwarts, but we’ll get into that later. The good news is I can hear songs like “Endless Machine” and “Starve The Fire” and pick out cool things that I haven’t heard executed well in this particular sound profile.

Really, The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams lives by its drive too. Each song has weight and it never seems to stop moving forward, even when things get slower and more precise like on the interlude “Numinous” or the great closer “A Path Once Lost” which has stellar clean vocals reminiscent of early Black Crown Initiate. The music never feels meandering or lost for a way to the next section. This is where the good writing comes into play - even when Ingested play to the tropes and expectations of genre, they’re relatively compelling and this does a lot for an album with clear on-the-sleeve influences.

One thing I wasn’t sold on were the utilization of guests. Sylosis’ Josh Middleton joins the vocals on “Expect To Fail” with a lighter timbre of scream that acts as a foil to Ingested’s Jay Evans, but other than that it didn’t leave much of a mark. Mark Hunter of Chimaira gets moody on “In Nothingness”, but his work makes the song lose some steam during the hook which is exactly where you don’t want that to happen. Despite this, instrumentation is strong and varied enough to not mar the tracklist and I’ll give a specific shoutout to the riffs on “In Nothingness” which feel well-crafted and the right kind of edgy - the melody at the end of the track is chef’s kiss worthy.

My only real gripe with this album overall is how it insists on sounding just like a deathcore album. I understand the band are rooted in that sound, but very similar guitar tones, standard lyrics, vocal performances, and even some melody approaches just smack of things I’ve heard before, only worse. The reason why this album’s well-liked by me and it’s getting the score it’s getting is because it’s presented in a more interesting manner than I’m used to, but some variance might’ve garnered even more favor from me. I get that’s like asking chicken to betray its nature and not taste like chicken, but here we are.

Bottom Line: I realize some of what I said may come off as a backhanded compliment, a long-form version of “yeah, this is good… for what it is”. That certainly wasn’t the intention because, regardless of genre or my prejudices, I did enjoy most of what The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams had to offer. It’s gonna make me keep an eye out for Ingested’s future stuff because if they can impress me with this, what else can they do?


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anonymous 19 days ago

The old stuff was more BDM. I don't know why they took the deathcore route....there are enough bands that sound like this recycled dogshit.

anonymous 19 days ago

^ 100% agree

anonymous 19 days ago

Zulu, which received a 9, is way better than this horseshit.

easyhateoven 19 days ago

Can deathcore be good? Yes wrong

anonymous 18 days ago

^ Wrong indeed. This review is still better than Eliots confused and unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases that he calls reviews.

anonymous 18 days ago

Na-na na-na na-na na-na dickrod

anonymous 17 days ago

this is really generic stuff

rick____tocchet 16 days ago

First song on the album is solid and the rest goes downhill like my morning wood after I piss in the morning.

anonymous 15 days ago

Just listened, probably their worst album! What happened?? Im a huge fan of Ingested, but so disappointed in this album. Ughhh.

anonymous 15 days ago

Weak, generic riffs. NEXT!