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Wristmeetrazor Degeneration

1. Turn on, Tune in, Drop Dead 2. Static Reckoning 3. Trepanation 4. Xeroxed Reflection 5. DogdayGod 6. Love Thy Enmity 7. Culled and Forgotten 8. Synthetic-51n 9. No Ceremony 10. The Vanity Procession 11. Negative Fix 12. Greatest Love Offering in the History of the World
2024 Prosthetic Records
Our score 5


The mix of metal and hardcore can be very potent if done right. A variety of factors are the difference between metallic hardcore and metalcore - there is a difference, but I’m sure I don’t have to tell y’all that. For me, a little bit of melody and solid songwriting in addition to the heaviness that both subgenres demand is favorable, but hard to nail for some.


Where Wristmeetrazor fall in the spectrum really depends on what song you’re checking out because, mixed in with some nu metal sensibilities, they’re kind of all over the place on their new LP, Degeneration, and therefore so is the quality. As quickly as I’m feeling a moment that makes me nod my head a little, so too do the more middling parts that lock my neck in place like I forgot the password to my own spine.


The finest middle ground with regards to this is the single “Trepanation”. It’s cool, good in some spots (particularly the more hardcore-oriented first minute), and a generic yet still heavy breakdown bisects the song’s halves sounds solid, but its placement or timing feels off. Watching the video for the track shows their biggest unassailable success: going all in with the edgy nu metal aesthetic, looking like a meet-and-greet line for Jhonen Vasquez back in 2003. I say this out of love of course. Plus, I couldn’t pull this shit off, so respect.



“Static Reckoning” and “Xeroxed Reflection” put in the work to channel some melodic death metal tendencies which are nice, but in the case of the former, it dovetails into a black metal-esque segue with a quick guitar barrage, raspy vocals, and more speed than they usually employ on drums. I don’t even know how to feel about this change-up honestly, but my apprehension tells me that it’s at least a little clumsy. “Xeroxed Reflection” fares a bit better with a more straightforward approach, pulling some minor influences from At The Gates for a melody-centric track, but the clean vocals in there throw it off for me.


It’s not all uneven though. ”DogdayGod” is a genuinely good song without much in the way of qualifiers. The guitar groove is solid and I love the industrial influences on the electronics permeating the track. “No Ceremony” is also a burner with some pummel to it, and “Negative Fix” feels like a bona fide nu metal hit from over 20 years ago, especially with the guitar work and lyrical aggression. “Greatest Love Offering in the History of the World” could have been an alternate universe Carcass B-side too with how it tries to capture their specific sort of catchiness and power.



Attempts were made, but too much of Degeneration feels flat or uninspired to be an outright recommendation. There’s entire songs I can coast through without as much as my ears perking up, even with attentive listens. Others are interesting enough, able to fool your friends into thinking that Wristmeetrazor are about 20 years older than they are as a band. Leaning too much into metalcore-type tropes ultimately creatively burdened Degeneration more than I’d like.


Bottom Line: I feel like I just injected a whole can of Surge and bought stock in Hot Topic so before I die, I’ll just say that Degeneration is cool, it’s fun, but it won’t be bulldozing down many barriers and that’s okay. Come for the genre mixture and slight throwback fun, stay for… well, that’s actually it. Whether that’s enough for you is up to personal taste.


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anonymous 26 days ago

" Plus, I couldn't pull this shit off, so respect." You can't pull writing shitty reviews off either. G A Y

anonymous 26 days ago

Still better than any of Eliot's reviews. That dude is legitimately mentally handicapped.

easyhateoven 26 days ago

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anonymous 26 days ago

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anonymous 25 days ago

Some of these dudes are in their mid thirties lol

anonymous 25 days ago

Why do people always come up with the gayest f*cking band names. "Let's allude to suicide! Yeah, that's so cool and edgy!" What are you? f*cking 13 year old girls?

anonymous 24 days ago

I stopped that video if korn and coal chamber f*cked and shitted out a band.

anonymous 23 days ago

Better than Korn