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Sunmancer Nothing Ever Happens

Nothing Ever Happens
1. Liminal Rift 2. Descender 3. Nexus Hive 4. Revolver 5. Delirium Redux 6. Fatalist
2023 self-released
Our score 5


I think it’s fair enough to say that the heyday of metalcore and melodic death metal styles are gone. It’s not that they’re not viable or that there aren’t bands still doing those sounds justice nowadays, but the boom has long passed since its 2000s peak, and that makes anyone attempting to bring it back start out the gate with an uphill battle of sorts.


One such band is Sunmancer, a band I unfortunately lack concrete details for, but one thing’s apparent: they know exactly what it takes to scratch those specific itches on Nothing Ever Happens. Most accurately billed as just a general “metal” band than a specific subgenre, they certainly take some cues from those peak metalcore and melodic death metal days. This EP’s first track acts as a launchpad replete with solid guitar melodies, strong yet unassuming drums, and by the time you get to the hook’s cleanly sung vocals, you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, for better or worse.

The thing with Sunmancer (which is a cool name, by the way) is that’s kind of where the enjoyment begins and ends to a degree. All six of Nothing Ever Happens’s tracks follow that same sort of formula: blast out strong with nice instrumentation that doesn’t relent, but also doesn’t push boundaries; get a nice hook in there, solid guitar leads, and that’s about it. The songs also ride a similar length with them being anywhere from just under three minutes to just under four. Some variance in tone, mood, or length would have fit Nothing Ever Happens quite well, but I can appreciate the band’s potential goal of keeping things tight for what is very much an EP. For any future LPs, I’d love to see them incorporate some tinges of atmosphere and more diverse approaches to their sound.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had here. “Nexus Hive” has that neat melodeath feel to it in the intro, something akin to Arch Enemy from 20 years ago, with its guitar work - a liminal riff if you will. “Descender” has some genuinely catchy moments, the chorus especially, as does “Fatalist” which is a solid closer that does get into the groovier side of things with a slower pace and heavier modality. These things aren’t impressive enough to keep me returning to this EP, but after several loops of it they are some of the more notable times in Nothing Ever Happens’s 20-minute runtime that keep it moving well enough. 

Not to be cheesy - I already was plenty a paragraph ago - but there’s not much liminal about this EP. It doesn’t feel particularly transitional let alone transcendental, but it does offer up some serviceable metal that will surely find an audience. I know quite a few people still into this sort of stuff, and its sole existence and persistence in the form of bands like Sunmancer is proof enough that it’s still a viable style of heavy music. I just fail to glean anything spectacular from it in either direction.

Bottom line: What is here amounts to teasing hits of nostalgia for me, but it’s for a style I wasn’t much nostalgic for to begin with. Nothing Ever Happens ultimately doesn’t push past that admittedly shallow barrier with its devotion to the more general aspects of 2000s metal weighing it down. If you’re into that sort of thing, you’re likely going to vibe much more with what Sunmancer’s doing, and I sincerely hope they find that audience.


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Bortslob 23 days ago

Go listen to Zulu and try again

anonymous 23 days ago

"One such band is Sunmancer, a band I unfortunately lack concrete details for..." Yes, heaven forbid we do any type of journalistic work here. Idiots.

anonymous 23 days ago

Not surprising how poorly written this is, when the writer's name is Dick Rod.

anonymous 23 days ago

Cover art says "nothing ever happens" yet it's not mentioned once. I don't know. Smells like low effort to me article to me.

anonymous 22 days ago

spare bedroom fartcore

anonymous 22 days ago

Didn't read a word and know this review sucks really really bad

anonymous 22 days ago

Can you get someone that's not a talentless hack to review something for once?

anonymous 22 days ago

Zulu smokes this horseshit.

anonymous 22 days ago

i love zulu they wish, not good enough

anonymous 22 days ago

Okay "D. Rod" if you are looking for so much nostalgia. Why don't you just go back and listen to your old favorite bands, and not look for something new? At least these guys don't sound basic and it is a unique tone and tune you can relate with, and know it's from them. I'm not sure who gave you the right to actually write this review. But it's total dog water. Sunmancer is very talented. And I cannot wait to see what they come out with next. So seriously. Why don't you go write reviews on Amazon for your weird butt plug products.

anonymous 22 days ago

No where close to Zulu level. Try. Harder.

anonymous 22 days ago

Mr. cool and vibey here

anonymous 21 days ago

"The thing with Sunmancer (which is a cool name, by the way)" Seriously are you 12?