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Until The End Until The End

Our score 5

by Alex

Both musically and lyrically, Until The End will pummel you into submission. These guys know exactly what they want to say, and exactly how they want to say it. Finesse apparently isn't part of the band's vocabulary. Until The End is content blasting away with driving, muscular guitars, bottom-feeder bass, and standard hardcore/groove drumming. There are two vocalists in the group and they frequently trade lines, although both produce similar versions of throaty yelling. There isn't much variety to their styles, but their voices work well with this type of music. Meanwhile, the rest of the musicians are seemingly solid, though not extraordinary. The first track, "Finger On The Trigger", is a perfect summary of what Until The End is about. The song begins with up-tempo, kick-drum busy verses, peppered with slower, metalcore breakdowns. The track eventually culminates in a brutal, palm-muted diatribe consisting of the pointed lyric, "Put the barrel down your throat, Pull the f*cking trigger". The rest of the album's tracks follow suit, mixing simplistic hardcore/metalcore stylings with direct, in-your-face vocals and powerful breakdowns. The album isn't very long to begin with, but it seems to play out very quickly. Everything about this band is concise, right down to the tattooed packaging of the album itself. Bottom Line: For fans of this type of music, Until The End will probably be a welcomed edition to your musical library. One can easily visualize a violent moshpit when listening to this record, and the realism of such images is no doubt the "yardstick" by which many fans measure their hardcore.

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xcowabungax_ 6/26/2005 3:22:27 AM

first post. okay CD, pretty generic band.