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The Great Deceiver Jet Black Art

Jet Black Art
Our score 6

by Alex

This is angry music. We could end the review with that brief statement, but we won't (that would be dumb, huh). The Great Deceiver's Jet Black Art is a full sonic assault, from start to finish. This downtuned nightmare combines punishing grooves with hardcore chaos and industrial precision. The album is consistently anchored by pounding drums and a pulsating bass, which create a tightly knit foundation for the swirling guitars and driving vocals. Much of the guitar work features shimmering effects and piercing harmonics. Coat the entire concoction with Tomas' distorted barks of rage and you get one heavy piece of musical carnage. There's not much variety to be found on Jet Black Art, and the band doesn't play technically challenging music, but there's a relentlesness to The Great Deceiver that demands respect. They sound like a heavily armored metal train of sorts. Aiding the intense effort is some nice production, with plenty of crystal clear high-end. In particular, dangerous tracks like "Cornered Rat" and "Suffering Redefined" could possibly result in lengthy diagnostic procedures at your local physician's office. Bottom Line: If you're into hardcore with a ton of variety, a nice touch of melody, and technical breakdowns to boot, then look elsewhere. But if you want some viciously calculating metalcore and don't scare easily, then check this one out. It's short, sweet, and painfully direct.


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