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The August Prophecy Five Endeavors In Self Murder

The August Prophecy - Five Endeavors In Self Murder
2000 OHEV Records

Reviewed by: Alex   //   Published: 1/7/2001

Quite simply, this album is both scary and amusing simultaneously. The record begins with some sparse, downtuned guitar notes, then immediately kicks into painfully jagged bursts of metal hysteria. The rest of the record pretty much follows suit. Corrosive vocals span spells of silence and foreshadow fits of pounding hardcore. Sludge thrash violently collides with slabs of noisecore and speed metal.

There appears to be some sort of twisted theme to this record. And as is often the case these days, the track titles include such gems as "Playing Footsie with a Dead Pigeon" and "Pursuing Your Interest in Drapery". Also contributing to this unsettling effort are several disturbing non-musical samples, not to mention clear and in-your-face production. For a real family treat, sit your grandmother down on the couch and serenade her with the agonizing strains of "Fantasy Date with Michael Myers".

Bottom Line: If you're looking for something different and like your music "rough", then The August Prophecy will no doubt move you. However, if you're into emo or easily accessible hardcore/metal, then this CD just might frighten you. If listening to Dillinger Escape Plan is similar to swallowing polished nails, than The August Prophecy is akin to swallowing rusty nails. Anyone hungry


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