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Suicide Note Come On Save Me

Come On Save Me
Our score 7

by Alex

This Indiana outfit delivers a nice solid package of music on this CDep. Listening to this release isn't much of an exercise in patience or durability, as so many of the records we receive seem to be. Yes it's heavy, but it also seems to glide by in an easy-going fashion, a nice combination of aggression and digestible music. The first track, "Cash Register Rockstar", is really one of the better songs we've heard all year. The action packed arrangement moves from relentless technical hardcore to melodic noiserock and back again, all without losing continuity. The vocalist has one of those throaty, scratchy screams that everyone seems to have these days. However, he also brings to the plate a capable singing voice, rough around the edges, but solid at the core (did that sound like a beer commercial). The second track, "Redefining Motherf*cker", is nearly as engaging as the first, albeit in a different way. Lacking the variety of the first song, this track makes up for it with some amazingly pleasant runs of meaty guitar. Nearly the entire track is comprised of just a few guitar riffs, but they really pack a punch. It's one of those tracks that seems to lack depth at first, yet one never actually grows tired of listening to it. Tasy repetition, if you will. Lyrically speaking, the entire effort is difficult to decipher. Here's a sample from "Redefining Motherf*cker": "This feeling, stale and plain doesn't fit so well. This plane, this plain How do you like this middle finger goodbye It's so sweet." Try and figure that one out. It's odd, but this album gets worse with each song. Don't worry though, the bar is raised quite high by ""Cash Register Rockstar", so the fact that each subsequent track loses a small amount of appeal in no way indicates that anything on Come On Save Me could be considered weak. The musicianship is tight and further aiding the effort are some nice engineering and mixing from Converge's Kurt Ballou. Bottom Line: There is no reason whatsoever for not adding this CD to your collection. Fans of everything from Curl Up And Die to Cave In, new and old, should enjoy Suicide Note with little effort.


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