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Terror Live By The Code

Terror - Live By The Code
01. The Most High
02. Not Impressed
03. Cold Truth
04. I'm Only Stronger
05. Live By The Code
06. The Good Die Young
07. Shot of Reality
08. Hard Lessons
09. Invasion
10. Nothing In Your Head
11. One Blood
2013 Victory Records


Reviewed by: Luke Henderson   //   Published: 4/18/2013

When Terror signed with Victory Records, it came as a surprise to those familiar with the veteran label's current roster. Furthermore, Terror, quite possibly one of the most highly respected and dependable bands in hardcore, had paired with one of the most notorious labels in the business, which seemed especially odd because of the band's near constant focus on integrity and respect within hardcore. Whatever the reasoning behind the move, some people wondered whether this event would mark a sonic change for the band as well. Fortunately, this was not the case. Rather than embracing the more passé and/or trendy aspects of many current Victory Records bands, Terror has doubled down and created yet another memorable and authentic hardcore record.

Beginning with "The Most High", Scott Vogel and company mix aggressive instrumentation, raucous gang vocals, and crushing breakdowns to create one of the most memorable tracks on the album. This expertly executed lead-off track is quickly followed by "Not Impressed" and "Cold Truth," which blend faster riffs and other punk elements to help satisfy those looking for more than your typical chugging hardcore.

Songs like "The Good Die Young" and the album's title track embrace the stripped-down DIY ethic in both music and lyrics, mixing Vogel's unflinching scream with hard-hitting verses and anthemic choruses. These tracks, like most on this album, were very obviously designed to be played live, and will no doubt be the soundtrack to pile-ons and mosh pits at Terror shows in the near future. Fortunately, they don't just fall into that ‘I bet that would sound good live' category, as the production on this album easily captures and translates all of the intensity present in each song.

Continuing as the darker, rougher sibling of the band's last album, Keepers of the Faith, the latter half of Live By the Code blends tempos and styles with enough frequency to keep even the most fickle listener interested, while never straying too far from the sound that Terror has become known for. To round out the record, tracks like "Hard Lessons," "Nothing In Your Head," and "One Blood" stick out as examples of how trudging riffs, sing-along choruses, and non-stop intensity can makes for fun and memorable songs, even if it isn't necessarily the most inventive or original combination.

Bottom Line: With Live By The Code, Terror shows yet again why they have become known as one of the most consistent and highly regarded hardcore bands playing today.

anonymous   posted 3/28/2014 2:20:22 PM
Terror is for dick-swaggering chodes. Kill yourselves.
anonymous   posted 7/11/2013 11:18:12 AM
"Great album - and it is indeed there best one. "

Really guy? Better than Lowest of the Low or One with the Underdogs...I think not.
anonymous   posted 7/7/2013 2:09:37 PM
Great album - and it is indeed there best one.

As for the haters...just don't listen to them, easy as that.
ShaolinLambKiller   posted 6/7/2013 7:31:21 PM
bwahahaha garbage ass band.
anonymous   posted 5/29/2013 2:50:17 PM
I love terror, but this review is horseshit. What the f*ck. Say something bad about the album, it's clearly not their best. How can you possibly give it an 8? It's simply not an 8, in comparison to the rest of their catalogue, or on any other scale of hardcore. I seriously hope whoever wrote this review is banned from publishing reviews.

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