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Racebannon Six Sik Sisters

Racebannon - Six Sik Sisters
1. Thee Plea
2. Thee Apology
3. Thee Interlude
4. Thee Brother
5. Thee Truth
6. Thee Solo
7. Thee Chalange
8. Thee Desperate
9. Thee End
2011 Tizona Records

Reviewed by: Mike French   //   Published: 1/16/2012

Indiana's Racebannon initiates the New Year by proudly waving their tallest freak flag through 9 (or more like 6) tracks of feedback laden cacophony. Recorded at God City by knobsmith Kurt Ballou, Six Sik Sisters accomplishes a frenetic return to the band's discography; the entire listening experience flaunts a punk rock apathy, but the hopelessness is purely Sabbath-esque.

And it's in that spirit that Six Sik Sisters resembles a Mike Patton project, if only more primitive. I guess that's where the "avant" in "avant-noise-core" originates from on the album's accompanying press release. However, it's not all spazz and vocal weird-outs, because the second half is pieced together almost entirely by casual tempos and deceptive blues riffs. Whether or not the record alludes to "Crazy Train" in its infantile seconds, I'm not sure, but "Thee Truth" certainly begins with a droning melody from the Great American Ozzy Osbourne Songbook.

Most of the songs, but defined in "Thee Apology," seem destined to implode from their own instability. The brightest moments are in "Thee Desperate." The tune is slightly reminiscent of Dillinger Escape Plan, but ventures off into a linear showcase of their meanest riffs from all over the subgeneric spectrum.

There are two intermission style tracks, and one concluding ambiance. The first is quiet noises, with presumably sampled screams--it lasts for about 50 seconds. The next is a repetitive, two-minute long drum solo that emerges from the preceding track's final chord. Lastly, the record closes with relaxing soundscape of New Age synthesizers and soft, running water. In sequence, the duality of the instrumentals vs. the louder tracks is palpable and intriguing.

Bottom Line: Six Sik Sisters is a record that begs for you to listen to its whole to appreciate the tracking. Incidentally, the main pitfall is the actual amount of heavy music the disc contains--yet it's that brevity that proves to be the most menacing.

brokenhero   posted 1/28/2012 4:47:15 AM
thats it, i'm kicking both of you gays out of the Racebannon streat team
anonymous   posted 1/24/2012 7:19:55 PM
Ozzy is not American.
Godfatherofsoul   posted 1/20/2012 12:15:09 PM
It's a great album, brokenhero talks a lot of shit for being a 5 foot nothing toothpick.
anonymous   posted 1/19/2012 12:52:55 PM
dOINK posted 20 hours ago
and too many bands guy, that would be a great joke if anyone knew who the f*ck jake bannon was in 1996 when this band named themselves. go listen to jfac gay

This is a joke post, I pray it is a joke post
ricktarousseauiii   posted 1/19/2012 8:18:40 AM
also, for someone who was on / founded the it dies today street team, you have a lot of self belief in your relevance, brokenhero.

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